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I did it! I signed up for a house that will give treats to spooky little ones! I know it is not really European tradition but it is getting famous also here. Also it is a good occasion to prepare my (already famous) witch finger cookies (guess kids will not enjoy protein treats and protein muffins, huh? or would they??maybe power bars?). They are truly easy and fast to make so if hosting a party or just want something spooky as a treat – than this is a right recipe for you.

here is how a short video explaining it:




and here is my witch fingers ready to be taken..if you dare..

Proper recipe below. Read More

Fit food & Drinks

Last day, guys! Last day before heading for vacations so it means just one thing – happiness is in the air (along with the smog, humidity and incredible heated Milan air – yes, still melting feeling), but happiness is taking over everything else leaving secondary! My Friday morning started wonderful as had for breakfast a Hulk protein bread I made last night! and I must say – it turned out yummy so was waiting since last night to be able to try it!

As it is so good, than it is a must to share the recipe with you guys! Originally based to MissK_J6 recipe (check it out here this girl has wonderful clean recipes and ideas! ), but as I ran out of all kind of coconuts that’s needed in her recipe than just went improvising and turned out wonderful, healthy and low on calories!

Hulk Protein bread recipe: Read More

Fit food & Drinks

As a wise lady Julia Child once said – ” a party without cake is just a meeting” and I couldn’t agree more especially when it comes to birthdays. However as much as we would love cake for that particular moment  afterwards there is always a regret feeling, especially when we talk about carrot-walnut cake – my favorite.

Last weekend was my boyfriend’s brothers 25th birthday and as we are all clean eaters than had to find some alternative to have his birthday  candles put in somewhere. After a short brainstorming I came up with a marvelous alternative how to have your piece of cake “clean and lean” and completely without a guilt. My solution was a protein cake – a Banana and Blueberry Protein cake.
Really fast, easy and oh, so delicious! here is how:

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Fit food & Drinks
 As Sunday is my only free day of the week I try to do the things that makes me happy, like experimenting with healthy food recipes and travel. where I went this Sunday will write about in my next post:) but now will share my awesome, new healthy snack recipe: Coconut Berry Whieties.( Actually whities is not a real word, but if there is a brownie, why there cannot be a whitie ?


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