If you have ever been on a diet you probably know how hard is to resist a temptation of snacking and having a cheat meals outside the diet plan and especially of those sweet/ salty delicious ones. I am not a chocolate lover but I know people who are and their struggle of giving it up. The same is for bad eating habits, like Cheeseburgers, popcorn with a movie (guilty, guilty guilty), Coca Cola, cocktails during Happy Hours with friends and so on and on. We all have our week point and some foods that is hard to resist especially when you are trying to reach a goal, like loosing weight or improving your eating habits. As I am currently on a super strict diet than I know what I am talking about resisting those food cravings and temptations just to reach my aim even if I don’t see it in a mirror yet..
Fit food & Drinks
Hello in August everyone !   The month of vacations, beach,sun, fun and parties. however, we shouldn’t forget also about eating right and having a physical activities.. I know, I know, gyms are closed and heat is sucking the last will out of us to do any sporty activities, but still! let’s try to focus here and try to stay in shape, so when September arrives we do not have to kill ourselves in hard work-out routines in gym or starve.
Fit food & Drinks
Guess who’s is back and reloaded?! 🙂 some of you may know my reasons of being absent (check my Instagram for photo-evidence), but just to justify myself and put it on the writting than I had a perfectly valid reasons to not update my blog:
a) i had to move, b) i had no electricity at my new place for a week, c) i had tendinitis in my right arm-wrist so couldn’t do anything for 10 days d) afterwards  i left for holiday for 2 weeks!
BUT i am back now and full with energy and inspiration to eat healthy, be fit and keep enjoying life on full swings! 🙂 so stay tuned!
The first thing i will do: i will share a recipe for a BLUEBERRY MOUSSE I made while on holiday’s at Latvia.
Every Latvian knows this heavenly, delicious sweet that grandmas used to make for them! no wonder it is called a Sky Semolina – (Debesmanna). it’s usually a pink colour and reminds of clouds in a sunset ^_^ however I decided to change a little bit the traditional recipe and make it purple – with blueberries! so here is how I did it!
Buongiorno world! 🙂
After a company dinner in an adorable Roman restaurant last night I felt too much guilty so I started healthy this morning!
a) woke up at 6:30 to go running
b) had a super healthy breakfast

Endomondo Sports Tracker

Endomondo Sports Tracker is my bff during every sporty activity. check it out!

Healthy breakfast

Really important!!! to eat right and healthy (and not only after workout)! a nice bowl (Always tastes better if eating from your favorite tableware. like my Brazilian breakfast bowl and Blond Amsterdam “Miss Brains” mug. (Love this line of products! and you can buy them online! soo cute!)

so my breakfast was: oat flakes(in hot water) strawberries and dewberries together with fresh mint tea with lime. super antioxidant and full with vitamins and really refreshing, even in summer!
so let’s get healthy and fit!8-)

Fit food & Drinks
this week I’m travelling for work around Nordics, so that’s the reason why haven’t been writing recently.
my journey started in Copenhagen where i arrived on Sunday morning.
as i was pretty hungry i checked in hotel and i hit the streets to find somewhere to grab a bite.
while checking out the shops and window shopping i saw these awesome smoothies with such a simple but clever packaging and slogans by Froosh (check them out here) . So couldn’t resist and get some. And i must say, it tastes as good as it looks. Italy should definitely get something like this.

another awesome smoothy thing was protein smoothy by Nutramino (check them out here, unfortunately just in Swedish, Norwegian and Danish). How cool is that? Italian drink producers -here is an idea for u:)Each guy or gal’ going to gym or loving healthy lifestyle and appreciating good taste, will thank you.



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