Friend of mine who is a wedding planner (Can check her blog here – Sposami oggi ( Merry Me Today from Italian) asked me if I could share some advice for her brides-to-be how to get in shape before the big day and naturally (for a normal, busy and stressed women).
Honestly I felt excited and a bit afraid to share some suggestions but I do hope they will help to get in the best shape before your beautiful day! And not only to a beautiful day but for also married ladies or ladies that are not even planning to get married.

So here comes some tips: Read More

Fit food & Drinks
  • How to avoid snacking or Food cravings explained
  • How to avoid snacking or Food cravings explained

How to avoid snacking or Food cravings explained

We all have our preferences and we all have some kind of food that is harder to resist than other. Some has mom’s homemade apple pie, somebody a milk chocolate and somebody cupcakes with a chocolate icing. Some people, like me, has just general food cravings and mostly when we are bored our hands are reaching out to take some sweet or candy which is in our sight. Sometimes we just want something salty – like potato crisps or something oily – why it is so and do we really know what we need?
I set up this simple chart explaining what we crave  and what actually our body needs. This chart has changed my mindset completely and must add that it works splendidly – give it a try and will be avoiding that cupcakes and crisps in no time. Read More


My Saturday mornings are usually spent at my regular gym, but last Saturday’s  back and chest day was at a new place – at McFit newly opened center here in Milan. As a lady with an desire to explore and try-out myself everything before talking about the things, I was instantly ready, when my boyfriend told me that they are offering free trial day and if I feel like going to check it out. Read More

Fit food & Drinks

Tomorrow is officially first day of Spring and it means that it is time to “Spring clean” your diet, so out with the heavy fall and winter fare and in with springtime fruits and veggies.

Eating in-season products is always a good idea as they contains the most nutrition value and vitamins. So here is a nice list of vegetables and fruits you should search for when going grocery shopping to local shop or farmer’s market.

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There are several things that gives you satisfaction in life. For me one of them is a real good workout that takes all the worries away, burns a lot and makes me feel more energetic afterwards however there are also some several rules that you shoudl take in mind to not throw away all the hard work and calorie burning you just have had.

One of the most common mistakes after workout are: Read More

Me & My Beau

I believe that the end of the winter is the hardest, the darkest and the most depressing period and that is the time when people needs the most sun, relax and some good getaway to resist till spring arrives.


The main 5 reasons why everyone should visit Spa are following:

1. De-stressing – A spa treatment offers you a relaxing short break from your busy life routines, soothes your nerves and washes your worries away; Read More

Fit food & Drinks

Let’s be honest, we all have been there and we have all struggled with this question: ” I am eating responsibly, I am active, but still cannot lose belly fat”. This question has made me upset, worried and angry for many years, till I turned to a healthier lifestyle, reached out and start making changes and start seeing results . So here is why you are not loosing belly fat:

1. You are not eating or skipping meals.

When you don’t eat or skip meals your body goes into starving/self defensing mood and it makes food reserves (mostly, unfortunately, on belly) which translates into fat to use them times when do not get the food (when you skipping the meals) therefore you slow down your metabolism and it makes harder to lose the fat. Read More

Fit food & Drinks

As a wise lady Julia Child once said – ” a party without cake is just a meeting” and I couldn’t agree more especially when it comes to birthdays. However as much as we would love cake for that particular moment  afterwards there is always a regret feeling, especially when we talk about carrot-walnut cake – my favorite.

Last weekend was my boyfriend’s brothers 25th birthday and as we are all clean eaters than had to find some alternative to have his birthday  candles put in somewhere. After a short brainstorming I came up with a marvelous alternative how to have your piece of cake “clean and lean” and completely without a guilt. My solution was a protein cake – a Banana and Blueberry Protein cake.
Really fast, easy and oh, so delicious! here is how:

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Fit food & Drinks

I am big fun of discovering new, healthy recipes and adding them to my daily diet to make them a lot more interesting. Even when I am travelling I am trying to find a local, healthy spot for a meal, typical of the location to understand better the culture and the country’s mindset and trends. My Thailand Adventure was not an exception. Of course Thailand is famous for it’s street food and their local plates and seems that the food industry is following the foodie revolution and adding traditional dishes into restaurant menus and delivery services.

My revolutionary discovery was Absolute Fit Food – Bangkok’s latest food trend. Read More

Fit food & Drinks

Did you know that peanut butter is classified as a superfood? Actually funny how good peanuts are for you your body and not only to satisfy your sweet tooth. It has a significant role in a daily nutrition and part of many athlete diet, also mine as it contains all those good fats and protein. The amino acids present in them are good for proper growth and development of body. They lower bad cholesterol and are great as antioxidants, and that’s not it, it has many other good impacts to your health and body. To know more about peanut amazing benefits, all 29, you can find here.

As a conscious consumer I always check the labels and hidden sugars in my food I discovered how much added carbs and sugars are in processed spreads than I decided to make my own peanut butter. It is fast, easy and result is absolutely delicious. Here is how. Read More


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