Make yourself proud – subscribe for gym

Make yourself proud – subscribe for gym

Sooo, this is what I did – yep! I signed up for a gym! summer is coming and why not atleast try to look better, if you can and even more if you have an adorable flatmate going with you?
it’s is always more fun if you go somewhere together, especially taking up loads of courses!
so yesterday I took this Joy Fit-something class. where you basically dance and make some cool dance moves! (move like Jagger)  the teacher – Bruno, a young, fun guy around 25, is a really good dancer and I guess that was the reason why his class was so full with ladies all ages!
as that was not enough, i took an Acqua Fit class with a trainer who was all the time screaming, and as he was looking like Patrick Swayze it made it really funny, so i was laughing that we have a dirty dancing course in water till neck!
in conclusion – recommend to everyone to make yourself proud and do something for your health and shape! let’s see how it will go – summer will be here in 3 months!


p.s. once more I have came to conclusion that i am really hyperactive and have way too much energy!
p.s.s. nothing hurts today – awesome! i am ready for more!

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