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I am not the lady who dress up to be noticed at gym. I am the lady who does not like to be noticed at gym, even more- does not liek to be disturbed when working out. I am a lady who do not wear any make up when working out, as I know it is not good for my skin and would be ruined anyway by the sweat, but I do like my outfit to represent my personality and mood and gives me confort depending on the activity or training I am going to perform. The same thing is for my hairdos – I do not keep loose my hair at gym as they are too long and would just make me nervose and also would bother me while lifting or running. Therefore depending on the training and workout schedule I always take care of my hair and keep them neat and organized to mess around (and not to get it on my way).  

So today will tell you about my favorite hairdos for gym.


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Another manic Monday (everyone now listen to this song by The Bangles). BUT this week, unlike others, will end with a bag packing and preparing for a winter break!! YUPIII!!! can’t wait for the weekend to arrive and finish wrapping up the last Christmas gifts and writing last cards to my beloved ones with warm winter wishes and of course pack my bags to take off. 

The secret of a every well packed bag, especially in winter, is preparation. As a pro-packer (can wake me up in a middle of night and will be ready to catch the plane in 20 min.) and traveler than have already worked out my handbag essentials till the last detail and that’s why I wish to share such with you too guys. Read More

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What can be better than a bank holiday? …2 bank holidays in a row+ a weekend! Indeed, this has been one long weekend – 4 day long weekend to be precise and I must say – I am loving it! Who wouldn’t have to have a weekend of 4 days? Imagine how much you can do? rest, sleep in, be lazy, manage all the things/projects and social life in all that weekend. mmm, this weekend has been just wonderful. I even finally managed to have some beauty time for myself with a face masks and hair masks.

It’s been a while since I had my last hair mask – DYI home made hair mask therefore this long weekend has been perfect for a home beauty treatments so decided to enhance my blond hair color by giving some extra, natural highlights. (it’s needed when the weather is gloomy and foggy as my hair gets darker at winter time, so some special treatment is a must.)

Here is my simple yet effective home made hair mask to enhance the blonde color recipe. Read More

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Today is not only a day to travel and explore but also a second check-in after starting my 31 day challenge to lose 3,5kg. Honestly – felt really disappointed with not the results I wished to see when stopped on scales this morning.. especially because last week had been working out 5times per week, eating clean but still no positive result – in contrary, had gained some some extra hundred of grams. how? starting to think that there might be some intolerance of something I have been eating so will go clean this week and exclude all the whole grains and see how it goes and will fix up a intolerance test to find out if there is something I have to exclude from my diet. Despite of the disappointment this morning still determined to keep going.

Apart that, today I am writing you from Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark! One of the nicest cities ever! Love being here – even if for a flying visit, but still one of my all time favorite cities. And as almost a professional business-traveler – jet-setter I decided to upgrade also my make-up. A lovely city calls for a lovely make-up, right? Actually I am kind a no-make-up-the-best-make-up type of girl, but sometimes I do like to make my eyes and/or lips pop. Especially in Spring – when everything is getting greener and colorful.

Last weekend I saw this wonderful picture of Cara Delavingne wearing a lovely blue eye liner under her eyes and decided to give a try myself – so add it to my beauty boughts together a new mascara and  hit the closest Sephora store. Read More

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Outside is gray and rainy and I would rather stay in, under blanket with warm cup of tea and some good book“..if this would be a valid excuse to stay home and not go to work – I would definitely use it at this rainy Monday, but unfortunately it is not the case and have to force myself to leave the house and start another work week.

These kind of rainy days makes me wonder and and think about the things I wish to do and achieve as well as look back on things that I have already achieved and how many things have changed over time and how much I have changed over the time. If 5 years ago I would prefer to have million cheap outfits of a poor quality than now it is not the case anymore – i prefer to have one good quality garment in place of 4 cheap ones, the same for shoes (used to have countless pairs of poor quality shoes that killed my feet after 5 min walking.. but that’s not me anymore as well. I guess with the age it comes wisdom (mostly from experience).

Here is 5 things & habits that everyone should get rid of after 25. Read More

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Every girl has her weak spots – some of them has bags, some shoes (we all love pretty pair of shoes, don’t we? ), some nail polishes and some other one beautiful dresses – for me it is something all of them but if I have to name my favorite one it is definitely workout gear and colorful outfits (including workout pants and leggings and shoes) and travel gear. When I travel I like everything to be organized and as light and compact as possible (so just in case I still can find some space in a bag for a last minute, must-have purchase).

Every time I head to Nordics or Baltics I check out their latest trends, sales isles and some healthy choices. and believe me or not – every time I find some really good value deal. (I like to consider myself as a smart buyer so I prefer hitting sales or go to some outlets or keep my eye out for some special promotions and to keep diversity I do that wherever I go -that’s why I have a wardrobe from all around the globe).

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