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How to make a nutrition hair mask  for blondes at home

How to make a nutrition hair mask for blondes at home

What can be better than a bank holiday? …2 bank holidays in a row+ a weekend! Indeed, this has been one long weekend – 4 day long weekend to be precise and I must say – I am loving it! Who wouldn’t have to have a weekend of 4 days? Imagine how much you can do? rest, sleep in, be lazy, manage all the things/projects and social life in all that weekend. mmm, this weekend has been just wonderful. I even finally managed to have some beauty time for myself with a face masks and hair masks.

It’s been a while since I had my last hair mask – DYI home made hair mask therefore this long weekend has been perfect for a home beauty treatments so decided to enhance my blond hair color by giving some extra, natural highlights. (it’s needed when the weather is gloomy and foggy as my hair gets darker at winter time, so some special treatment is a must.)

Here is my simple yet effective home made hair mask to enhance the blonde color recipe.

hair mask preparation

Creating your nutrition mask is easy

The process is really easy – all you need is a lemon, a potato and a table spoon of a honey to prepare your mask.

Just peel and grate the potato (even though I would suggest to blend it to have a better consistency of the mass), squeeze lemon to get the lemon juice and add 1 spoon of a lemon to the mass. than just put it in your hair and leave it for 15 minutes under a shower cap and than wash them out.

hair mask at home

Make sure to cover good the whole hair

hair mask

Apply the hair mask through the whole hair

Pay attention not to drip around the house with the mass as it is sticky.

Make sure to cover the shower cap with a hair band for a double protection.

home made hair mask

than just wash it out after 15-20 min

After 15-20 min, when the time is up, just wash it out. Dry up and will see how silky and soft and even lighter your hair will be thanks to the magic effect of these 3 ingredients.

making a DYI hair mask for blondes |

Voilà! your hair is silky and smooth and lighter

Easy, fast and even cheaper than the regular hair masks! So give a try and let me know how it went!






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