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The best hairstyles for working out

The best hairstyles for working out

I am not the lady who dress up to be noticed at gym. I am the lady who does not like to be noticed at gym, even more- does not liek to be disturbed when working out. I am a lady who do not wear any make up when working out, as I know it is not good for my skin and would be ruined anyway by the sweat, but I do like my outfit to represent my personality and mood and gives me confort depending on the activity or training I am going to perform. The same thing is for my hairdos – I do not keep loose my hair at gym as they are too long and would just make me nervose and also would bother me while lifting or running. Therefore depending on the training and workout schedule I always take care of my hair and keep them neat and organized to mess around (and not to get it on my way).  

So today will tell you about my favorite hairdos for gym.


My most common and fastest one is a simple pony tail or poof pony tail. Fast, convenient and no hair on the neck. 

Post arm workout selfie

My post-arm day selfie with a simple ponytail

So this is my fast, perfect-for-6-am-run hairdo.

Move number 3 - The mindful V-sit trial

My low-poof ponytail

Low poof pony tail. Perfect for getting all the hair, including the stubborn short ones, out of face.

Poof pony tail fore the Nike race

Poof pony tail fore the Nike race

..and a poof pony tail. My usual look. This is So Fast Nike race

Post workout smiles after Team Fisher training

Post workout smiles after Team Fisher training

The I like to make the braids. Regular braid or a fishtail braid. Braids comes handy especially when having leg day and have some laying/sitting on the bench as it is not bothering me as a ponytail would.


The messy fishtail braid for the Color run

The messy fishtail braid for the Color run

French braid is another one pretty nice for that.

 french braid

french braid

2 french braids

2 french braids


What’s for the HIIT where is lot of jumping, Burpees and Mountain climbers, I just cannot afford to go for a any kind of “tail” as is hitting my face (and I tell you, it is not cool at all). Therefore going for a messy high bun or a low bun. Also perfect for yoga and stretching.

Hair bun hairstyle for stretching

High bun hairdo for stretching

For more inspiration and ideas check out my We Heart It collection of Hairdos or my Pintrest accounts which are full of great ideas and suggestion as well as tutorials.


WHAT ABOUT YOU? What’s your gym hairstyle?

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