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Workout Inspiration for the summer

Workout Inspiration for the summer

Still 3 weeks to go till vacation but before that, there is a little thing called “my wedding” that has eaten up all of my time. To Stay sane I am concentrating to gym and getting my mind in peace by sweating it out and get my thoughts gathered. I must say – works every time and also helps to build that summer body (and also let you to eat a little bit more than you should..obviously at your wedding and vacation, because now it is not the right time to give in to all temptations and cravings.

So today I decided that  I need some visual inspiration for that summer body and gym motivation as it is a workout Wednesday.

Also I have been struggling hard to get back on track this summer with all the crazy traveling and intoxication and stress that have to catch up with my progress so started incorporating more often supersets in my workout in order to burn some more calories and work on that muscle building. additionally rolling to work with my bicycle as an extra calory burner- must say been working nicely.

Me with Mr.Holland and my dog friend

Me with Mr.Holland and my dog friend

I burn 220 kcal to go to work with bike and 220 to come back. I see only benefits on this: No pushing in a crowded public transport, no pollution, fast as wind, independent and shredding while having fun. try yourself.

So here comes my inspiration that might help you too.

bikini body inspiration

Think about you at beach feeling confident


boxer with french brainds

Think about becoming strong


be strong humor

Being strong has benefits as being lean

Train with your partner and you will have more fun together. Proven fact! Also, girls do like boys who lift..them (being liftable is a good motivator) .


Do it for yoursel

Do it for yoursel

make yourself proud!


Use NTC new application to try new challenges

Bored of the regular routines. Try the new NTC app to challenge yourself further. And add me and let’s train together!can find be as Miss AThlètique

so guys, keep lifting, keep striving and don’t skip gym sessions – vacations are around the corner so let’s give 110% of us and focus on the aim – to feel good!

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