Plank – the one exercise you must include in your training program

If you have ever performed plank you know how hard it it so manage to resist more than a minute without collapsing on the floor and your whole body trembling and shaking to resist. Even if you consider yourself a great athlete and fit it is never easy to hold it so many people just skip it and does other exercises instead, but let me tell you – that’s just wrong. You shouldn’t skip on what’s hard, especially when there is so many great benefits of this complex core exercise. 

You shouldn’t skip on what’s hard, especially when there is so many great benefits of this complex, core exercise. 

It’s perfect for building deeper abs and overall core strength , if done properly. 

It is also one of my least favorite exercises, but I do include it in my training routine and to make it more challenging I try to mix it up with supersets or setting new personal records every week, by increasing resistance or time. 

I usually go mixing up Regular plank (for 45sec to 1 min) and mountain climbers (I usually go for 10-12 per side) in plank position as a superset. It sets your abs on fire, trust me). 

Spiderman planks exercise

Spiderman planks photo credit by

If planking Spidermans are too difficult just try with an straight arms the same exercise or decrease reps.

If wish to have a differentation of the plank exercises, check out this article in about planks their variations as well as have to perform it correctly.

Some more variations and further reading about planks can find in this article.

Try also Side plank

Side plank by Miss Athlétique |

Side plank

This exercise is a really good for your obliques

In my weekly training routine try to include at least couple of times of abs and core exercises and plank and it’s variations so far has been giving the best results. 

That’s why also having them tonight when will be HIIT night!


What are you training today? Do you plank? 


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