Travel: After-Brazil plan

Travel: After-Brazil plan

I am back. Like really back from my great adventure in Brazil. of course there will be a lot still to tell you and show you, but before need to get back on track with all the pending issues, works and projects (private and work) and will get back with my pictures and stories right after!  And trust me – they are gorgeous! 
For now, just wanted to check in that i am live and once more tell BIG thank you to my Brazilians  – Gaby and Paulo for being as amazing hosts and i enjoyed my time in Brazil a lot. and of course thank you to my DudaLina for supporting and encouraging and making me work-out my abbs with all that laughing ^ ^
one of the things i understood is that I really have a strong Brazilian side which can’t wait to get back and hit the beaches again..but this time with a surf board!

that’s future me in Brazil


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