Travel: Heading south – Amalfi coast – PART I

Travel: Heading south – Amalfi coast – PART I

It’s been a week I am back from my Naples adventure and finally I have all my pictures converted and ready to share with the world and give you some insight through my Wall-Egi lens (my white Nikon that looks like Wall-e when you open flash, so i sweetly call him – Wall-Egi).
  As someone might know – I have a thing for poppies. I just can’t resist – love them. So here is some lovely poppy field I saw near my friends place.

Poppy field
















The general summary of this trip would be measured not only in smiles, pictures and walked km but also food (added kg) – which is really delicious and the zone is famous for.

The general food summary would be:
3 pizzas
2 parmigiana di melanzane (eggplan parmesan)
3 gelati – ice creams
2 sfogliatella ricca
1 mozarella in carozza (fried mozarella) not really typical from Naples but they make it really good.

so let’s not count calories because it is not definitely something positive 😀

First stop – “Era Ora” restaurant by Pietro Parisi. one of the best restaurants in Campania region. so must try it when you are in the area. Check them out here. Just make sure to book in advance as they are pretty requested.

Parmigiana di melanzane

This is the best parmigiana I have ever had in my life.

typical baked in wooden stove Neapolitan pizza

Day 2 – we went to Amalfi coast to visit the small cities, starting Vietri sul Mare ->Maiori > Ravello > Atrani > Amalfi and Positano.

Vietri sul mare cost

This was a lovely city where you can see a lot of ceramics (which is famous for) in all rainbow colors and above. just splendid.

Even the shops and streets were decorated with colorful ceramics like shop tiles and vases around the city

The symbol of the city is a donkey.


Just loved this plate. Already regretting for not buying it! (so i must come back there)

ceramic vase

I loved this vase. so cute! 🙂

Next stop in our route was Maiori

The city main floer beds had my favorite color decoration – just loved it!

Pity for the bad weather though, but still city had it’s own charm that must be lived.

behind of me is a typical church with its yellow and green ornamented dome. (and me who found a random garden and wanted to take a picture in it) no trespassing..yet..

cat altar
ok, this picture is a piece of art, i must say! looks like the cat is giving instructions or lecture to this “commission” 🙂
Than we came to another city called Ravello. which has a beautiful gardens, views and castle to visit. unfortunately the weather was not our side to make all this happen.
ceramic vase
salad bowls
ceramics, Ravello
wine & drugs

..for my defense – it was just a picture i had it there – nothing else! still don’t know what else they are selling there apart from wine.

view to Amalfi coast

ohhh Yes.. Amalfi itself.

a sailor

this was a nice moment- we caught in action this old man fixing his fishing man in the traditional way. also he had the most extraordinary blue eyes I have ever seen. however felt slightly embarrassed to take a portrait of him.

lemons and yellowness everywhere

ohhh, i loved the store – sooo yellow, so organic, so delicious and good! 🙂

“delizia di limone”  – lemon pastry  a piece of Heaven
this delicious things and not only you can find at Andrea Pansa pastry store at Amalfi. it’s a must when you are there!
fish store and a doggy
typical gelato – – ice cream store
Amalfi lemon
this was my favorite souvenir from Alafi! sooo loving this huge lemon and this is not even the biggest one they have there. just that i had limited space in my bag 😀
AND THIS, the last and final stop is Positano. just loved the small city.
lemon trees over your head
funny tshirt

actually this was really funny.  the tshirt says:” if you want breakfast at bed you should sleep at kitchen” .


that’s me trying to catch some Panorama view with my Lumia – came out splendidly.

a boat
The first part of review of my trip has been done and the second one will follow up soon as well.
but must say this coast is just breathtaking and beautiful,  and if the weather had been better it would be even more marvelous –  I am sure. So what are you waiting for? – Go and see it for yourself!


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