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A fit Sunday at Idroscalo or living Milano Spring Parade

Hello in Monday! Another weekend has gone by and time to return to a daily routine. Some of us get some rest and relax while some of us, had been busy bees this weekend, like me, and did million things. Active rest is the best rest for me so also this weekend tried to explore and do new things and spend weekend fit.

On Sunday at Milan’s artificial lake- Idroscalo was first Fitness parade – Milano Spring Parade with many courses, exhibitions and music to get prepared for summer, get in shape and move to the music. As one fit missy with an explorer spirit always try out new and fun things of course I headed there as well to see and try for myself several activities and courses.

In my to do list, after studying the program, was a stage – dance class with a MOMA (dance school in Milan) instructor, Zumba (to do some aerobics and burn some calories),  Kangoo Power class as well as Nike Training Club class. Plan thut burns, huh? 

Actually the organization and communication was not the most fluid one, I have ever seen: no big advertising around the event even if it was promoted as a part of Expo adn invitation to come to Milan, however it was all in Italian, no Eglish, not even in their homepage. Long waiting lines(as only one cashier was working, accepting only cash and writing recipts by hand for each of it. Moreover the tickets couldn’t be bought online in advance to avoid it), lack of information of stages and indications as well as program and course posters were also missing, moreover some courses did not start at all was a little bit upsetting, but despite the fact the instructors were professional and even if courses had not more than 30-70 people each was done real well and people participating was having a good time.

Milano Spring Parade fitness and music event at Idroscalo, Milan

Milano Spring Parade fitness and music event at Idroscalo, Milan

My first class was the Stage Dance Hall with Lil’ Cri which is an incredibly talented instructor from MOMA that makes choreography to also dance videos. So was an absolute must to try it and it was real fun and exciting.

Stage with Lil' Cri

Stage with Lil’ Cri

Next one was a Zumba class that was pretty tough because under midday sun was pretty difficult to keep it up for one hour.

A little bit of stretching before starting to dance

A little bit of stretching before starting to dance

Than after having a snack bar – protein bar, I so wisely took it with me I was ready to move on with the next course – Kangoo Power. Actually wanted to try this course out since last year saw it in Rimini Wellness fair, but it was booked out, so this time I had to participate and I did.

Kangoo Jumps exercise with special dedicated shoes

Kangoo Jumps exercise with special dedicated shoes

As explained the inventros – Kangoo Jumps homepage that this is re-invented runners shoes to go easy on joints and reduce impact on them. (More about health benefits you can find on their homepage – here).

The ones who are following me on Instagram already have seen me in the shoes but here it goes again.

Kangoo Power shoes and let's go!

Kangoo Power shoes and let’s go!

Honestly feeling being in the shoes was a lillte strange – mostly becasue the feeling es pretty similar to the one when you are standing up on a rowing boat and trying to keep the balance to not fall over, but you get used to real fast to them once your brain realises that you are not going to fall as the shoes are designed that way. Tfuu, no falling over.

This video is right after puttign them on before the course started – happiness!

The class was real fun, despite of the fatique – extreme fatique doing 3 cardio corses under the midday sun, in a row, on a high intensity, but definitely makes you burn a lot of calories! Moreover the instructor – Roxana Visterneanu made it enjoyable to everyone! Even to guys! (made my bf articipating too and he did like it as well!  so not that it is only for girls! so guys – take a note! )

Oh and remember I said it burns a lot? I mean calories? I checked: 30minutes of the kangoo power class I burned 346kcal. Not bad, huh?

Here is how the shoes can be used in a course as an aerobic exercise.

After the class was over we just had a nice time at Idroscalo – park itself and enjoy the music, concerts and some sunshine. Maybe too much sunshine as today I am a little tomatoe. But real toned and happy!

Idroscalo, Milan

Idroscalo, Milan

Actually really love this part of the city – Idroscalo. you are still in the city (next to airport – linate) but feels liek you are outside of it as it is so quite and peacful and the same time active as full with several activities and possibilities to do. More about the park and the activities you can find here.

Idroscalo - green zone for running and leisure

Idroscalo – green zone for running and leisure


How was your weekend? Did you manage to loose some calories and do some activities?

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