Workout: tips getting back in shape after summer holidays

Workout: tips getting back in shape after summer holidays

Summer has come to an end (even if doesn’t feel like that in +31C here in Milan already for weeks )and it means just one thing – it is time to get back to everyday routines and it is time to set some new workout and  fitness schedule, make some new goals, aims and challenges! ( not only inside but also the gym!). As it’s easier said than done than some healpful tips are always welcome! ( I am glad to share mine)!

After a long vacation in South of Italy and getting married! ( Dont’ worry will share  some pictures soon!)I will have to catch up with quite a lot of things, especially at fitness and healthy lifestyle level because the one who said that planning your own wedding will make you lose weight was definitely wrong ( my case at least!) and also visiting family in South of Italy where saying “no, grazie!” is not acceptable at the table when granny offers you another slice of home-made parmigiana or lasagna ( also you do not want ot say no to this treat).
don't say no to granny

You never say no to granny

I can bet I am not the only one to get back on track so here are some tips to get out of that post-vacation depression, start loosing that gained weight and get back in shape.
*Set a reachable goal
The best motivator is setting a clear and obtainable goal. Like loosing 2kg (gained in summer vacations) till winter holiday. (One of my goals too – get in shape for next holiday! so let’s do this together! )
It can also be a goal to get able to run 5km marathon and participate in The Color Run (the worlds funnest and colorful 5km ). I just participated again on 3rd September here in Milan! (Loads of colorful fun)!


color run Milan - colorful faces |

Us after those 5 colorful kilometers


Whatever you choose stick to the plan, track your progress and make a deadline, therefore you will be more motivated and inspired by your own results to keep going.

*Drink water
Plenty of water! you definitely need it! it will wash away all the excess, fast gained weight during vacations. First 1-2kg will disappear in no time if will drink a lot of water. (About water benefits you can read here).
Don’t forget also for a detox or teatox cure to loose weight, clear skin and boost immune system. Just don’t overdo for too long periods as can be against your progress and result in weight gain.
Drink water instead of soda

Drink water! Everywhere!

* Get back/ sign up for a gym
The best thing to to get back on track is to start a new challenge. It could be a new course, a new class or different gym. I have already hit my gym and started a new workout routine to get more toned and lean.
For some who is not more into weight workout a new group courses or class could be helpful and September is the best way to start a new challenge in a new gym or new course in your old gym as they are full with offers already, fighting to get you to come to their gym offering good deeds. (Good occasion to save some money and find a good offer).

IF feel intimitated by weights but wish to try anyway – why not get a personal trainer that will help you to overcome the weight-room fear and teach you basics of weight lifting the right way.

And if that scares you or don’t have enough time for a gym subscription a new personlized, home training program with Nike Traing Club app could help too to help you to get in shape.

Or you can always try out/restart my own workout plan-calendar with fun stickers I came up with to track the progress.

Smile of satisfaction after a good workout session

This is me leaving gym after starting my new workout routine. (Muscles are still sour- been 2 days, but I am glad – it means it is working! )
*Get a new gear
Yes, I like colors, I like workout clothes and I do like to look good also in gym. And nothing more inspires me than a nice piece of colorful equipment that you are happy to carry to gym. I know it might sound silly but I do look forward wearing my new sneakers/ fluo shirt or dry-fit leggings to gym.. and this is something you shouldn’t feel sorry for investing your money in if after all it will help you to obtain your goals while looking more confident and good about yourself, right?
I got myself some couple of colorful sport’s  bra and leggings for my comeback to gym. Definitely lift’s your spirits and motivation to come back to gym to show off with your new “bff”.
Victoria's Secret sport's bra

Victoria’s Secret sport’s bra

( The good thing is that the all big brands and even special collaboration projects with stars are in last stage of sales now ( like on Luisaviaroma,) before the new season starts therefore right time to get some nice deal for a colorful gym outfit to stay motivated. )

*Keep moving
Whatever you do and whatever your daily routines are I can bet there something you can do to get yourself moving. Like taking stairs wherever you go, get out of your public transport 1 or 2 stops before your destination or go to next bus stop in the morning to get some exercises and calorie burning going. If live too far but have a bicycle use it to go to work with it (even if it is 10km), will help the planet, reduce carbon footprint and as additional plus you will get more toned and back in shape in no time.

Have a walk after lunch

I always try to go out for a walk in lunch break just to keep me moving, clear head and just get some fresh air. (Helps digestion too). And yes, even when it is raining.
* Prepare food at home
Cook! The best way to control what you eat, how much you eat and how healthy it is. Skip the catch-up dinners/socializing drinks/aperitifs/ brunch etc instead meet up with your friends after a meal for a walk or for a cup of tea or healthy, green smoothy instead of alcohol. (as we all know in a company eating out we intend to eat more than alone so try to stick to your diet and adapt to it your “catching-up” habits and voilà! you have a win-win situation! (Here you can check out some fast and healthy homemade lunch recipes. for more recipes check out some of my favorites).

Project Luncbox by Marla Meridith from Family Fresh Cooking.

Absolutely lovely blog and great recipes and food inspiration. Photos like hers just want to start cooking right away!
These are all things that helps me getting back on track and maybe will help you too.
Stay fit and stay motivated! and stay tuned!
XoXO Egitaa
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