Second part of my trip leads us to the famous Naples – the capital in South of Italy.

Something you must live yourself to catch the feeling because they are so different depending on the people, expectations and experience and what pictures cannot describe is how the city makes you feel.
if you like busy life, nonstop movement, voices, sounds and unorganized things – you will feel like fish in the water. for me it was a chaos which was hard to adopt to at the first place as i was not imagining the city to be like not even close.See for yourself some things that caught my and Wall-Egi eye (my Nikkon).
At least 4 times I year I go for work to Stockholm and during my trips I have observed and learned some tricks and tips that must be obeyed once you are there! so why not share them with you?

Usually i do not have time for long strolls from one island to other ( however must say it is wonderful, especially in July), but I do have picked up some nice things from Swedes, like afternoon tea time – coffee brake – FIKA (pronounced fee-ka) usually it has been accompanied with a cinnamon sweet. my preferred is always cinnamon roll or bun. (It’s pretty easy to make and will post a recipe  ASAP). Cinnamon is my winter’s BFF. Sweds like to pop in a nice Cupcake and Bakeries to enjoy it properly. So did I.


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