Effective 7×3 minute workout you can do everywhere

Effective 7×3 minute workout you can do everywhere

This fall I have been traveling a lot therefore I had to also adopt my workout to my lifestyle switching from 1/1,5 gym sessions to shorter but more intense trainings. So far my favorite time saver and overall body training, booty shaper and super fat-shredder is HIIT workout. It saves time and can be completed everywhere – even your hotel room in your undies (yep, not ashamed to admit that! saving space on those leggings and shoes in carry on bag).

 In my last trip (3days in Stockholm) I used my Seconds Timer app (which is so far the best timer ever for training and customized programs).

Must say worth every cent invested in buying Pro version. Using it always.

Here is how it looks like.

Cool, isn’t it?


This routine lasts 7,5min – as I wanted to really break a sweat I completed it 3x with a rest of 1min between sets.

Effective 7×3 minute workout you can do everywhere

7 min workout by Miss Atjlètique |

7 min x 3 Workout on Seconds App

This routine burns aproximate 250kcal in 21 min and uses all muscle groups. My recommendation to try when you have short of time but wish to work out.


If wish to try something less active but involve all core – check out Irina’s hotel workout.


How you stay fit and work out while traveling? Let me know in comments! 


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