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The best thing that always get be on track and helps to overcome a jet lag is a training. A good weight or a cardio  training the day after arriving to help to adjust to the new rhythm and time zone. As all last week I spent Tokyo and had a pretty hectic and busy meeting schedule that having a training was the best thing. Luckily for me I found a wonderful fitness center – NAS Sports club  – fully equipped gym in the same building as my hotel in Osaki, Tokyo.

As this was a real gym than could easily stick to my training routine during my stay which made me truly happy especially as been on my strict training and dieting regime since beginning of the year.

The gym is spacious, offers all the types of regular weight machines as well as free weights for an efficient weight training. (had a killer leg day that were sore for next 2 days).  Read More

  • A glimpse of amazing and kawaii Tokyo
  • A glimpse of amazing and kawaii Tokyo
  • A glimpse of amazing and kawaii Tokyo
  • A glimpse of amazing and kawaii Tokyo
  • A glimpse of amazing and kawaii Tokyo
  • A glimpse of amazing and kawaii Tokyo

A glimpse of amazing and kawaii Tokyo

Even a huge metropolitan city like Tokyo kawaii*  (meaning “cute or lovable” ) is on every corner, style and attitude and it just keeps on impressing and baffling you how such a modern, hi-tech and serious city can have so many sweet expressions everywhere. 

Last year was my first time I visited Tokyo and got a small taste of and a general feeling of it. This time returning in this far, far away country drew my attention to details, feelings and contrasts. Of course as it was a work trip than did not have time to be a tourist nor take my usually quantity of pictures so this will be glimpse of Tokyo on-the-go with a kawaii twist. Read More

Travel, Workout

In a days like these, when it’s raining cats and dogs all I want to do is to stay in and crawl up on a couch with a hot cup of good tea and read some good book. As I am not on holiday, but on a business trip in Tokyo with one hell of a full agenda than it is not possible. Therefore I have not left choice but to be super active, energized and loaded to manage to make the best out of my trip and overcome the jet lag and be efficient and productive and the best medicine for adopting to the new rhythm is a workout to get you going.

Tip number 1 – You should always check out your destinations fitness center/ gym possibilities in hotel or near distance”.

Luckily for me I am staying in this wonderful, luxury hotel at the heart of Shibuya – Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel. It offers a wonderful facilities and one of them is (quite) fully equipped fitness center, such as: Treadmills × 5, Exercise bikes × 6, Smith machine, weights, leg extension, and more, to ensure you a possibility to maintain your fitness level like a pro.  Read More

My London trip has come to an end so it is a time to continue with my Japan story so can catch up with timing and switch to my European adventures.

The second part of my Japan unexpected meeting took us to Kyoto – an ancient Japan’s capital a city full of UNESCO heritage objects. Indeed it is an amazing city even more beautiful than I have imagined from the movies and books.
(One of my all time favorite books is Memoirs of a Geisha which gave me a small preview of a life of a geisha back in 30ies, strolling down the narrow streets heading to a fancy dinner party and life back in than in general). Actually Kyoto is still an active geisha district where, if you are lucky, can see a real geisha heading for a dinner appointment).


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