Workout: Are you ready to run those colorful 5km this Saturday?

Workout: Are you ready to run those colorful 5km this Saturday?

Oh happy day! today going to get my race pack for Saturday’s The Color Run 5km!

The Color Run Milano – sold out

It will be a super-big event as it is completely sold out! so it means just one thing – there will be more than 10K participants! the more the merrier!

Milan on 6th September will be colorful

So exciting! already checked out all the instructions and tips for participation and ready to get colorful-dirty!
Here is link to all tips and suggestions before, during and after race. Unfortunately only Italian.. (But if participating can always drop me a line and will help you out).

To avoid surprises as there will be huuuuge lines ( imagine 10.000 people queuing to get their race pack – I go to get today mine, so on Saturday is less hassle.. organizers are suggesting the same thing, so maybe it’s worth to listen to them.
One good tip they give you is for your hair – to apply a coconut or olive oil so afterwards it is easier to wash out all that color.. Unless you want to give an new, fresh look to your hair!
When choosing clothes take in consideration that it will be all colorful, so maybe won’t come out, so choose wisely what to put on as it might have a chance to get it ruined.
and glasses – dont forget glasses! 🙂 don’t forget to stretch before, take water and clean clothes to change and yeah, one more thing – bring camera – and let’s get snappy!

Map of The Color Run Milano 6th September

San Siro is Milan’s biggest stadium and it is place where marathon, party and after party will take place!

The color madness I can’t wait to be part of it

What about you? Have you ever participated in one? How was it? Any tips? Would love to hear them and more over see you there! So if in Milan this Saturday – don’t be surprised to see colorful people everywhere! 🙂

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