It’s official! It’s August! It’s Monday! It’s last 3 days before packing bags for holiday! ….aaaand that’s not it! it’s also the week when I am getting married! ( So I hope now it explains where I have been gone for last weeks. I was trying to manage everything including wedding details, long working hours, busy travel schedule and fighting of a mysterious sickness. (Said this I hope I am excused for being absent).

I must say I haven’t yet realized fully that I am getting married by the end of the week, especially because I am still at work and life seems regular – massive blue circles under eyes and work amount as high as mountain! BUT, that does not change fact that this month is going to start a new adventure and will have a new status! ( Now I assume Italians can officially address me as SIGNORA. And I will not mind). Read More


..and just like that, another month has passed! and we can proudly say: ” Hello….

We want it or not the time flies, especially when you have many things to do. And this April has definitely one busy-bee month! 

First of all, I can say that been pretty good with diet sticking and working out regular, no traveling and eating clean and already seeing and feeling results! Clothes getting looser and seeing better body definition! Yeah, baby, yeah! 

Austin powers K dance

yeah, baby, yeah!

So this month is getting worse and worse on the busy-factor, because, well..emmm because this lady is getting married in 3 months! YES no joking! it’s happening, so no time to lose and especially when such decisions are taken last minute..

So can only imagine how many things to settle ( specially if you organize wedding from a distance) and more over now it is time to really get that fat crying because the ultimate prize is THE dress – the wedding dress to look absolute (my) best in it!

matching gym pre-wedding tshirts

Getting in the Shape for a cause

So basically now it is the time to really get going! And actually already started good fundaments! Last month been going to work with my lovely bicycle (8+8 km) as an transport + extra cardio ( useful on days when you cannot squeeze in any workout).

Me with Mr.Holland and my dog friend

Me with Mr.Holland and my dog friend on the way back home from gym

Also got my first swimming lessons, that I ma truly proud of! it’s happening! Finally improving to skills that been wishing to develop forever! So no more words – just actions!

scuba cat

..this is how I felt before my first swimming lesson!

Must say was soooo anxious and worried and definitely felt liek a fish out of the water. Especially as my mind was believing that I am too old for doing this and should have done it as a kid and my time has passed now. However my trainer was pretty cool and got me over this false concept pretty fast, so I am ready to take over the seas, go snorkeling in deep waters (which was afraid before and missed my occasion in Thailand).

Snorkeling in Hin Klang, Thailand |

Snorkeling at Hin Klang

..did miss this opportunity in Thailand as was too afraid and not confident at all about my swimming skills. ( Mostly did not want to be left behind to a sea creatures for lunch). 

But now I am facing my fears and learning to swim like I should to not miss this kind of occasion again!  So this May planning to get even better at this to take over the sea this summer!

Another thing planned this may is travels to organize everything for wedding: dress, location, catering, wedding planner and everything related. Wedding is in Latvia, but the outfits are chosen in Italy so Florence – here I come (this weekend!)

Florence from under the umbrella

Florence from under the umbrella – but business means business! and Shopping means shopping!


..and than of course creation, sending, saving, collecting, pinning and “hearting” Wedding moodboards on Pinterest and We Heart It is so on! 

creating mood boards and pinning and "hearting" like crazy

creating mood boards and pinning and “hearting” like crazy

Let’s admit – it’s quite fun spending lunch breaks, and morning in public transport by checking out ideas, crafts and inspirations to pull together your own idea of your dream wedding.

To sum up – this month is going to be flying by, so let’s try to look to things with a cool head and from a different perspective and try to make the best out of it: with loosing fat and not the head! ( could be a slogan for a t-shirt! hihi )

What’s your May goals?


Inspiration, Me & My Beau

When the leaves turns red and the last witches has taken all the cookies and left, you know it is November! Just one and half month left before Christmas so it is last time to really get motivated, take action and review the list of New year’s resolution so don’t get all guilty when there are things left out. 

For me November seems to be a time to take action and focus on myself. Which means – more physical activities (as will be spending more time in the country as planning just 1 trip to Latvia, to have some family time and catch up with friends). Even though my gym subscription ended I am planning to find a new one and do more free body exercises at home – so stay tuned and let’s have some home workout sess’! Read More


Another magic Monday when the agenda is full and need additional sticky note (like couple of them) to note down everything that must be done today,this week and all month. Must say that October has started to me not relaxing at all: I have re-started teaching, working out, dieting, catching up with emails and works (after traveling the most of the month), friends and family.. not easy I must say, but keeping up and than in the middle of all this madness broke a tooth and had an emergency visit to a dentist’s that finished with pulling it out and getting hooked up with antibiotics.. Needless to say that all my workouts are suspended for the week..

BUT I am back! I am back and recharged and having even set up my wonderful agenda for October with Kerrie Hess Monthly calendar. (Don’t know what I would do without one. So sign up for her newsletter and get one for yourself). You can check her illustrations in her homepage. So lovely! (Can’t wait to have one of her illustrations hanging on my living room.. still a small obstacle – do not have a living room.. yet!)

Anyway, back to Monday and Monday motivation and monthly lists! Super charged and inspired and already planning to re-start my 6am morning runs to catch up with my health, setting up a new workout routine to get that booty shapin’! after all – have to go to a wedding (3rd one) in 3 weeks! So this months motivational picture iiiissss…..

squat motivation

Lifting motivation of the month by Luxquotes


As Japanese proverb says ” Fall down seven times, stand up eight”! 

And this is what I am doing! No giving up, just picking where I left and moving on and always striving for progress because I know I will succeed in the end! So no sulking no wining just working hard and smashing goals and having new adventures and everything done! 

Next things on my list – London on Monday for business trip/fair, Guernsey island on Friday to visit my friend and participate in my lovely nephew’s 1st year birthday! (Good aunt in me is excited!) and than wedding in Calabria in 3 weeks! And that’s only the traveling part, there is still working, teaching, working out, dieting, blogging part as well..oh yeah and Halloween (It must be celebrated too! Pumpkins and dress up like every year! )

Can I make it all? I am sure I can and I will! 

What about you? what’s your plans for October?

Inspiration, Me & My Beau
  • Busy as a bee August visual board
  • Busy as a bee August visual board
  • Busy as a bee August visual board
  • Busy as a bee August visual board

Busy as a bee August visual board

It’s another Monday, but unlike other Milan Monday’s this one started with a heavy thunderstorms that cooled down the hot streets of the city. Much needed especially during this hot summer. I believe this is all time hottest summer I have ever had and not only because of the heat but also because it’s been so fast, so full, so vivid that days are just flying by. Sometimes I wish I could have 30 hours a day and 8 days a week (which there would be one more extra day at weekend to manage to do everything I have in my mind, but unfortunately or luckily it is not like that so all left to do is to prioritize and do my best to manage everything.) However we are yet in first half of the moment and there are still time to manage to do, see and experience things and add some nice memories to Summer 2015 list.

My second part of August seems pretty tough as well, because will be travelling every week starting this week till October, so all the writing, dieting, working out and blogging will be from the road. BUT determined to manage all and even make improvements because I know I can and will. So here comes my monthly visual board based on talented illustrator Kerrie Hess monthly calendar. (without that planning would be much more difficult).  Read More

Inspiration, Workout
  • July is for challenges
  • July is for challenges

July is for challenges

Happy 1st of July, hope it’s every where as sunny and lovely as it is now in Milan. well, actually maybe a little bit too so instead I would rather prefer to be at beach in beautiful Liguria, but still – not complaining, enjoying sunny Milan Summer days that are still full with things to do, see and experience. especially because here is held World Expo 2015, so city is buzzing with events, attractions, tastings, activities on every corner.

For me beginning of each month is new goal setting and things to look after. July for me is taking up and accepting new challenges, mostly fitness ones. Already mentioned that joined Nike Training Club Milano and did my first competition last Sunday, now taking second challenge tomorrow – So fast Day Milan to have a 1 mile run. (Wish me luck! Haven’t been competing and speed running since high school so feeling a little bit nervous but excited at the same time! )

Than on Monday I saw another wonderful challenge by Blogilates – 30 Days & 30 Stretches to Splits! That Read More

Inspiration, Me & My Beau

Hello Monday! Hello 1st Monday of May. As a tradition I am going to share my visual board for May.

May has always been one of my favorite months of the year! You can feel the summer already in the air that makes you more motivated, more colorful, more inspired and overall happier! full of flowers and longer and sunnier days to manage more things, like going for a run, bicycle ride and adventures – so many adventures planned!

From my side already know that next week heading for a business trip to Copenhagen – again – hop-in-hop off in the country but still a small getaway to one of my favorite European capitals ever.

Read More

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Happy 1st of April! As already a tradition, beginning of every new month I am setting for myself goals what I want my month to be like! I am currently on my second day of Spring holiday in South of Italy (where sticking to a diet is almost IMPOSSIBLE – as first rule of South of Italy is to Eat and ask for more), so for me sticking to my strict diet it is a quite a struggle, even if I have all my workout gear packed with me and dedication to stick to my fitness goals – I must say it is not easy, not easy at all. To stay focused and my eyes to the ultimate goal (Planning to lose 5kg by the end of Spring) I have set up my Spring Visual board slightly more workout and motivation related to keep going and to resist sweet temptations and hope to inspire you as well. Read More


Hello Monday and Hello March! The month we all have been waiting for months! This is month when the days become longer and air is becoming warmer and bird songs are getting louder and first flowers will start to blossom! March has finally arrived and I have many new things planned and new things to look forward to! So as my new tradition – here comes my visual board – inspiration for the month.  Read More


Every time something comes to an end and something new is in front of us we tend to imagine the new challenge, road or task and set goals for it. Full with hopes and positive feelings. For me it is really important to visualize the goals so I usually create a visual board or my mood board. As Miss Athlétique is my new challenge this year than I have made my moodboard for 2015 to better visualize how this year I wish to be. (My year officially starts now! ) Read More


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