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  • Busy as a bee August visual board
  • Busy as a bee August visual board
  • Busy as a bee August visual board
  • Busy as a bee August visual board

Busy as a bee August visual board

It’s another Monday, but unlike other Milan Monday’s this one started with a heavy thunderstorms that cooled down the hot streets of the city. Much needed especially during this hot summer. I believe this is all time hottest summer I have ever had and not only because of the heat but also because it’s been so fast, so full, so vivid that days are just flying by. Sometimes I wish I could have 30 hours a day and 8 days a week (which there would be one more extra day at weekend to manage to do everything I have in my mind, but unfortunately or luckily it is not like that so all left to do is to prioritize and do my best to manage everything.) However we are yet in first half of the moment and there are still time to manage to do, see and experience things and add some nice memories to Summer 2015 list.

My second part of August seems pretty tough as well, because will be travelling every week starting this week till October, so all the writing, dieting, working out and blogging will be from the road. BUT determined to manage all and even make improvements because I know I can and will. So here comes my monthly visual board based on talented illustrator Kerrie Hess monthly calendar. (without that planning would be much more difficult). 

Cup of good tea and can start weekly planning

Cup of good tea and can start weekly planning

This month will be all about traveling. I know I cam back just 7 days ago, but on Wednesday leaving again for a business day-trip to Germany and next week off to Latvia for one of my best friends wedding.

Riga, Latvia - a nice place

Riga, Latvia – a nice place

This picture is from Old town in Riga which I took it a week ago. As loving this place so much and as it is so beautiful in summer than decided to make a to-do list for Riga visitors in one of my posts this month and already included in my to-do list.

While there planning to have another great workout with my friends, that always inspires and motivates me and as I have some nice, new workout gear than I hope to put it in a good use, like beach run (been missing those a lot) a bicycle ride or simple stretching session (still the split challenge is on for me.)

getting all Nike(d) up

getting all Nike(d) up

Just noticed that all my new additions of my workout gear collections seems to be from Nike. (Nope, not sponsored – just a nice coincidence – like their apparel and quality plus it was the nicest items on sale, so couldn’t say no to). A good and colorful workout gear always inspires me to hit the gym, work hard and than take some post-workout selfie afterwards to show off my progress. hehe

And than of course, fit food experiments and cooking planned to once more prove that clean eating does not need to be boring.

Watermelon is the fruit/berry of the summer

Watermelon is the fruit/berry of the summer and also theme to my outfit for bachelorette party

(2 weeks ago I was representing a watermelon to my friend’s surprise bachelorette party, where each girl was a berry or a fruit to make a nice fruity contrast.)

Of course many others plans made (like dentist, friends gatherings, reveling my shooting experience and room escaping in Riga, Bachelorette party behind the scenes, having another friends wedding experience, and so on and on), so stay tuned and will reveal them.


And you? Do you have any plans for August? 


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