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Challenge: No Junk Food

Challenge: No Junk Food

Yes! you heard me! let’s cut out all junk food for 21 days! and YES, i know it is a summer and a big, delicious ice cream is a must! BUT ask yourself, how badly you want to change something in your life and get you in shape! so why not try this!?
Here’s what you have to do!

easy, right? 🙂 (originally posted by Stephanie. check her blog here 🙂 )
OH, and I would add also NO ALCOHOL! (waaaayyy too much calories and sugar!)
well it’s easier to write than do, right? but I want to look good at beach, don’t you? 😛

so on this positive note I accept my no-junk-food challange! to make it more fun, will keep on experimenting and trying to replace junk food with a healthy BUT delicious foods and will share recipes as well! 🙂
ALSO. to follow up and realize all the snacks I eat per day that shouldn’t be there, I made a Junk Food table to follow up my progress. (actually, my brother sent me his table, I just updated it! 🙂 so if want to see how much you are eating between meals and how much kcal that are total, just print it out, put it on the wall in your kitchen or take it with you (like at your workplace, like ai am doing – because that’s the place where the temptation is the strongest! :O all meetings and coffee invitations and international sweets..brrrr..tough to resist when a client comes with big box of macarons.but i am trying my best! and this is giving me extra motivation! ) and start tracking your progress. to know how much calories are your snack is worth, I am using calory calculator by My Fitness Pal. really like it because it has also  nutrition facts! check it out here! ! 🙂 included also comment if I worked out or not (to not feel that guilty that I just take calories and not burn them).

last but not least! PRINT IT OUT and put it on your fridge! 🙂



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