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  • London through my eyes
  • London through my eyes
  • London through my eyes

London through my eyes

Since I moved to London, this June, the life has been a roller coaster. Not only because I didn’t have a proper break before starting a new job and switching countries but also because I have been running ever since to catch up with the tempo of the city, new work and affront new challenges. (Like how to get a bank account and internet at home).

But once that is settled you are basically a local! I mean wifi that connects automatically when you come home, bank card was just matter of time and patience, a lot of patience and some good persuasion skills and explanation skills why my surname in Latvian passport has been spelled differently and all other documents has a different surname spelling. BUT! Adventures is that usually finds me and to be honest last five months has flown by.

As much as I would love to share my stories exploring London and England every weekend, it is just not going to happen! Sorry! Been traveling for work as much as before and just been busy settling in and getting around this new city and finding my place in it.BUT I believe I have managed to finally find a way that keeps me and my heart happy. 

Regent's park |

Regent’s park – my daily view to get to and from the work

Regular fitness and trainings, if following my Instagram you probably have seen me already posting stories and adventures there, has been a massive part of my London adventure. (Sorry, the food and gym selfies will continue! hehehe). Apart of training and running to fitness classes around the city I have had time to find some nice places in London and I must say that some of them are pretty amazing: like, Kew Gardens which I wrote about earlier. 

Buckingham Palace from London Eye |

Buckingham Palace from above

Probably the best thing I have discovered in London is the applications and that everything can be done on the go. My best friend in London and moving around is application called City Mapper – a public transport application that shows updates real time and allows you to calculate the time to arrive in your destination and time when you should leave and even gives you notifications on public transport disruption of services and delays. Just perfect for newbie like me in a big city.

Buckingham Palace from London Eye |

Buckingham Palace from London Eye

Of course I have done also some tourist spot visiting but that finished pretty early as cannot take big crowds and not big fan of visiting tourist attractions. Well I do like visiting them but I prefer to have as little people around me as possible to enjoy the place properly. I do love early mornings and sunrises for that, but it is hard to match to other people schedule as not everyone is an early bird/anti social like me… BUT never the less trying to grasp the best of the city and be as local as one can be.

red phone box london|

The classic London picture

..therefore you will see me taking and be taken in pictures at weirdest places and times away from crowds.

Like this one..

Missa athlétique |

Blending in with the flowers

look du jour |

Enjoy the city differently

Autumn has started splendidly already and many new adventures planned ahead so stay tuned and will keep you updated about my London life and wanders. 

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