It’s official! It’s August! It’s Monday! It’s last 3 days before packing bags for holiday! ….aaaand that’s not it! it’s also the week when I am getting married! ( So I hope now it explains where I have been gone for last weeks. I was trying to manage everything including wedding details, long working hours, busy travel schedule and fighting of a mysterious sickness. (Said this I hope I am excused for being absent).

I must say I haven’t yet realized fully that I am getting married by the end of the week, especially because I am still at work and life seems regular – massive blue circles under eyes and work amount as high as mountain! BUT, that does not change fact that this month is going to start a new adventure and will have a new status! ( Now I assume Italians can officially address me as SIGNORA. And I will not mind). Read More


So I am back! Not 100 % recovered yet, but back on my feet and ready to pick up where I left before getting down with a acute bronchitis.. Sounds bad? well it was. Fever, muscle pain, dizziness. BUT that’s over and glad to getting out of bed and feeling energy returning every day more and more.

As much as I would LOVE to return to gym immediately I know it would not be a wise idea, especially being down for more than 10 days, so what I will do is to set up a recover plan to picking up with training and workout. Of course,when you sick you have to forget about dieting too as the only goal is to recover the body before getting back there and dieting, but of course – eating clean is a must, so slowly picking up. 

Second thing is exercises. Usually my training week consisted of 4-5 training days. Now for this week and the week to come I am going to do it gradually so this week 1-2 training – light activity but starting this Friday only. No heavy cardio nor HIIT in order to not get back down and stress too much organism. 

The end of next week can start of doing some more heavier lifting. But so far will work out just half amount of training regimen and just with resistance band and no weight exercises. 

workout band is my bff on my travels, so usually do that when no gym is available.

Bandel K-well resistance band

Bandel K-well resistance band

I have this nice K-well band with which I usually do whole body exercises and stretching afterwards – totally useful.

Here is a list of exercises to pick it up after recovering from sickness:

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Another extremely hot Milan weekend is over but luckily for me, survived it by the swimming pool as trying to get some color before heading for vacations this weekend to a chilly Latvia. As it has been extremely hot last month here in Italy and in general south of Europe, than being extra careful when getting exposed in the sun is extremely important, especially when the UV index is as high as here and humidity is more than 90%.

Here are 7 the most important rules about Sun I have learned from Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan and dermatologists. Read More


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