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Good Friday asks for some good weekend recipe, right? This time want to share with you, my latest, sweet experiment – apple pancakes! Perfect as a sweet treat or as a power breakfast to substitute those morning oats!

I must say this Spring has been one, crazy rollercoaster: travels, impressions, new people, crazy feelings, long days and even longer working hours, dedication to get in shape ( because, let’s be honest-round is not the best shape, hehe), neglected friends and new, life changing plans for the summer.. But hang in there, will keep you posted on that part too! But for now, let’s get back to my latest fit breakfast experiment – apple pancakes!

Incredibly easy, fit and healthy recipe that even a newbie will master and impress a foodie!  Read More

Fit food & Drinks

Experimental fitness dish cooking is my thing, but you already know that by now with all my Friday Fit Food posts. So once I week I post some of my experiments, fit recipes, modifications or new dishes I have come up to – all that’s good for the body and mind, doesn’t cost a fortune and are pretty easy to make – all in a name of diversification, clean food and to be a living proof that fit food doesn’t need to be boring or repetitive or plain. 

I already wrote about egg clouds and recipes with eggs once, but this time I slightly took this recipe to the next level – made some modifications and put it in the oven.

It’s simple, easy, delicious and looks cute and all in name of fitness and sticking to that clean eating. (especially handy after long winter holiday).

Here is how to do it! Read More

Fit food & Drinks

Since I was a kid Sunday’s for me have always associated with the smell of pancakes coming from the kitchen where mom is baking them! you just now that the day will be just amazing after eating a hot pancake covered with a homemade strawberry or apple jam – just sweet, sweet happiness!

But since I have turned to (the dark side) healthier cooking and lifestyle than I decided to improve also my pancakes recipe with some healthier and less caloric ingredients, so I tried my hand in baking Protein pancakes with no flour, instead using banana!
Must say the result is De-Li-Ci-Ous!Just finger-lickin’! Moreover it is so easy and fast!Give it a try!  RECIPE below!
..since I tried these – I have never went back to the old ones as there is no big difference in taste, well maybe there is – they taste even better! a
actually so good that you even want to play with you food…


My protein pancakes master class with a Domo shaped pan |

My protein pancakes master class with a Domo shaped pan


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You love traditional morning oats or oatmeal but kind bored and would like to try something else for a change? Well look no further because I have an answer for you – a semolina strawberry porridge. 

I do like my oats a lot, but sometimes you just need to switch up your morning routines and try something else as well and who said that eating clean should be boring and monotone ? Read More

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Have you ever struggled to stick to your diet while traveling? If answer is NO than either you have superpowers or you are lying to yourself. I will be honest, it has been always my biggest fight with myself – to keep my diet, follow my strict eating regime and timings and stick to foods that I have to eat, especially when I have to travel for more than 2 days for work. It has been like that lately and it has been extra hard to me especially because for 10 days I had to eat only liquid or truly soft foods so had to adopt my diet to it.

Awful, difficult and so frustrating are the words that describes my last weeks diet and lifestyle. I am quite disappointed with myself and current condition that couldn’t follow nor control easily what I am eating, loads of foods I could eat was full of sugar and salt, the timings were shifted because I have been traveling and sitting in meetings from morning to night, following company dinner afterwards that messes up everything and on top of that – lack of exercise as were not allowed to and when I could was not able to add a training in my agenda (apart the morning workout in my hotel in Stockholm) as my days started already at 6am and finished 11pm. Needless to say that were exhausted to add a 1h of a workout. The result is disappointing – gained weight (2 kg) and loss of muscles (which is worse than gaining weight).

Despite falling out of my regular diet, I was glad to be in Sweden as this Nordic country offers great healthy options everywhere and are really cautious on what people are eating as it must be fit, healthy and “clean”.  Nordic food companies are promoting the healthy food options and foods heavily they are even putting calories also on top of their packaging just to show how healthy they are, invests in fit smoothies and high protein drinks and foods so staying fit in these countries are easy-peasy!  Read More

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Last day, guys! Last day before heading for vacations so it means just one thing – happiness is in the air (along with the smog, humidity and incredible heated Milan air – yes, still melting feeling), but happiness is taking over everything else leaving secondary! My Friday morning started wonderful as had for breakfast a Hulk protein bread I made last night! and I must say – it turned out yummy so was waiting since last night to be able to try it!

As it is so good, than it is a must to share the recipe with you guys! Originally based to MissK_J6 recipe (check it out here this girl has wonderful clean recipes and ideas! ), but as I ran out of all kind of coconuts that’s needed in her recipe than just went improvising and turned out wonderful, healthy and low on calories!

Hulk Protein bread recipe: Read More

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Finally Friday! After another crazy week is over and already looking forward tomorrow when I will be finally going to Expo 2015 (Milan). Real excited moreover as tomorrow there will be a huge parade in honor of a Japan day and as Hello Kitty is the ambassador of Japan pavilion and as I work for this lovely lady, than going to be there as well.

And as I already know that tomorrow there won’t be much time cooking a big, innovative and creative fit breakfasts and try new recipes than last night prepared a wonderful alternative instead of my regular rolled oats / oat meal or overnight oats 2 ingredient oat cookies. Easy – peasy, fast and tastes great. Here is recipe you must try! Read More

Fit food & Drinks

It’s finally Friday again! The best phrase ever for my ears today! Yesterday’s Nike 1 mile challenge got me like ” mum, I don’t want to go to school work today”. it’s been one hell of a week at work, gym, workouts, running, organizing, socializing and working on summer projects, challenges (like #JourneyToSplits challenge. About which you can read here and still join it!)  that today I feel destroyed that all I want to do is to be at home and just chill, hit the bed early and wake up and have a lovely piece of Banana protein bread with a big cup of green tea for a super breakfast to regain my strengths and get back on track.

Unfortunately the beautiful breakfast was last weekend and not sure if will be able to wake up early tomorrow to make another one, but definitely will be cookin’ which I love to do – so relaxing!

Actually it is funny but I have never tried traditional banana bread and I do go crazy for bananas! Just so you know traditional banana bread is primarily made out of sugar, white flour, and butter. Even though it features a fruit—the almighty banana—banana bread isn’t healthy. It’s mostly sugar and fat. And as I am fit chef that likes to tweaks recipes than this was a good case to try my own healthy version of it by customizing Annas Sward’s Banana protein bread recipe and adding my own experience.

If you want to try your own Banana Protein bread – here is the recipe. Easy, pretty fast, healthy and so delicious!   Read More

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Waky waky, it’s Friday! While most of people are on their way to work I am was off to airport to head to Palermo, Sicily where will spend this weekend! So excited for all the new experiences in tastes ahead, but first things first – today is Foody Friday and as this is a travelling post than wanted also to share with you my travelling breakfast secret and tip to catch an early flight/train and not to snack at airport on something unhealthy.

My solution, that work’s always is overnight oats. It’s easy, fast and so delicious. It is perfect, if you do not have time to prepare breakfast at morning, so you prepare it the night before and just eat it before hitting the road or option B – take it with you in a food container.

The recipe is simple Read More

During my business trips it’s hard to get to know the place you are going to, so I always try to make best out of the both, combining work and private life squeezing in some picture,note or reference about the country and people, mixing together with my personal impressions, feelings and discoveries.

This time was Munich. The mother of beer gardens, beer fests and class.
This is my impression of capital of Bavaria.
So here are some pictures caught on running from one meeting to another and from hotel to dinner without a map.
I stayed in this small but fashionable boutique hotel Falkentrum . It is right behind the main shopping street – Maximilianstrasse, where you will find all the big brands : Guchi, Dior, Chanel, Rolex, etc.etc.


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