Do not go more than 3 days without working out.

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When on road – I always try to customize my trainings in order to adapt to stick to my training plan no matter how hard it gets, I just always try to find a time to squeeze in a workout session or two to stick to my fitness goal. While in Japan last week I still managed to squeeze in a leg day, HIIT and killer abs workout sessions. Always sticking to the golden rule when starting any workout program:


Indeed when you skip one-two training days it’s most probably you will skip some more and will sabotage all your hard work of previous weeks! (Trust me – I know! So frustrating!)so just stick to the gold rule no matter how hard it gets. Of course there are exceptions, like sickness or factors you cannot influence, but traveling, YES, even for work, shouldn’t be one of them. And in order not to feel bad about not working out at all – just squeeze in some short training programs – like a compact workout for abs and core session. 

Abs are relatively easy to train and doesn’t asks for much space or special equipment and can be performed even in hotel room. ( Works for me just fine! ) But of course even better when you have access to the gym. I had the luxury to hit this well equipped Tokyo’s gym NAS  as it was right next to my hotel and have some proper weight training.  

pre-workout HIIT selfie by Miss Athlétique |

Pre-workout HIIT selfie

As business travel is always asking double of working hours and workload and 1/3 of regular free time to allocate to gym I decided to make an overall body workout including some new exercises for abs – to freshen up things to my routine, inspired by avaliable gym equipment. 

My additional  exercises for abs & core were :

  • 4×15 straight leg raises on Dip machine in superset with Bent legs at knees raises ( think reverse squats lifting legs up while hanging on machine).
  • 4×15 high crunches with holding weight in superset with a low plank for as long as you can
leg raises exercise |

Straight Leg raises on a dip machine


Exercise for upper abs with weight |

Exercise for upper abs with weight

I found this Dip machine for triceps & abs great as had a back support with a bosu ball which is extra useful when doing core and abs exercises.

leg rises by Miss Athletique |

Leg raises exercise for abs on a dip machine

The good things for supersets it’s a really great time saver. Of course it’s harder to execute as 1 exercises follows another but results are great and helps to keep it short but effective.

Try these 4 exercises next time you hit the gym and I guarantee you that you will be feeling your abs the day after when laughing! Yes! this exercise is this effective!  (Laughed with difficulties the day after so had to ask people to be serious around me! 🙂 )

What’s your killer abs move? share in comments!


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