5 Exercises to lose armpit fat and look fabulous

5 Exercises to lose armpit fat and look fabulous

We all have some problematic zones we would like to improve in our bodies more than others. One of them are armpits and overall upper body which looks exceptionally bad, if not toned, in a strapless dress or naked back dress or actually any other tight garment for that matter. Therefore it’s important to include exercises in your workout routine also dedicated to your problematic areas like armpits. Afterall summer is coming and as we all know – 

sumemr bodies are made in the winter


Of course we want to rock those strapless dresses and overall feel good about our arms so let’s tone them!

Strong lady

Another strong reason why you need some strong arms ( not only to rock those strapless summer dresses).

So here comes some of my exercises that helps to tone your back, chest arms and lose some armpit fat.


5 Exercises to lose armpit fat

  1. 4×15 with light to moderate weights – Dumbbell flyes
  2. 4×15 dumbbell front and lateral raise
  3. 4×15 Upright row with dumbbells or kettlebell 
  4. 4×15 dumbbell fly on bench or medicine ball
  5. 4×15 dive bomber push-up
flying dumbbells exercise

Flying dumbbells exercise – perform slowly and controlled 

Dumbbell front and lateral rises

Dumbbell front and lateral raises

upright row

Upright row

Incline dumbbell fly

Incline dumbbell fly

If prefer  or want to make it more challenging go with Medicine ball for the same exercise. It will train also core, abs and stability making it more difficult therefore better if you do it slowly with not too heavy weights if you are a beginner. 

incline dumbbell fly on medicine ball

Incline dumbbell fly on medicine ball


Dive bomber push up

Dive bomber push up


Once more a sum up of the exercises in case you want to keep it compact.

5 exercises to loose armpit fat

5 exercises to loose armpit fat

Of course without any clean eating you will not be able to reach your aims as well as overall cardio training because we wish or not, the armpit will not magically be toned if we keep on eating wrong, too much and not training properly.  It’s all about balance and no magic cure will make you toned overnight, but weeks of hard work and dedication. I know it sounds (and trust me – IT IS tough, but definitely worth the struggle! 


Stay active! adidas #neverdone

Never done-stay active!


How you tone your arms?Post in comments!


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