Why Jumping rope is so effective and how to do it right

Why Jumping rope is so effective and how to do it right

Jump! Jump for my love! as Pointer sisters sings! Or jump because it’s good for you! Simple and yet so efficient! 

Did you know that just 10 minutes of jumping rope can provide the same cardio benefits as 30 minutes of running or two sets of tennis? it also builds up the functional strength that supports your everyday tasks ( like carrying heavy bags).

I have already written about including Jumping rope in your training routine but this time how to make it right and how to build up stamina to jump more ( just like Rocky).

How to do it right?

  1. Size yourself up.  Stand on the center of a rope and pull the handles up-they should reach the top of your shoulders. More advances jumpers can choose slightly shorter rope ( where the handles extend to your armpits).
  2. Grab a hold. Pinch the handles with your thumb and index finger, then wrap your hands around them with your thumbs on top. Keep your hands relaxed and parallel to the ground at waist height. From position, make small, quarter-size circles with your wrists.
  3. Land softly. After each jump, land lightly on the balls of your feet; your heels should only skim the ground between hops.
  4. Look ahead. Focus on an object in front of you at eye level instead of looking down your feet.

The next level. To make it more challenging, look for ropes made from heavier cables. Avoid ropes with weighted handles, which put stress on your wrists with little benefit.

Jumping rope workout

Jumping rope in action

Training time – feel the burn!

Start with one jump at a time; build from there. 

Work up to three minutes of 20-jump intervals with short rests in between. When you can do 140 jumps in a row, you are ready for sustained jumping. 


Try this internal workout: Track how many jumps you can do in 30 seconds; rest one minute. Do 4 more sets, trying to match or beat your top count each time!

Remember! to learn jumping rope takes time and practise so don’t throw your towel just yet!

Include jumping rope in your training routine and you will see accelerate weight loss in now time and improvements in your overall stamina!

To get you going and motivated to use it – here are 2 songs to help you to get in that JUMPING mood! 


And here is some more active “jumping” to get you going!

Happy Women’s day lovelies and don’t forget what day is today – Workout wednesday! Of course! hi hi hi! So no excuses – summer is coming!


Do you use jumping rope? what’s your personal best-time/reps? 




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