What pre-workout cardio you should do before a leg day

What pre-workout cardio you should do before a leg day

The winning strategy for efficient fat burning and muscle toning is doing cardio training before any strength workout. However not any cardio will do you good if you will not align it with your workout routine. As today is a Leg day for me than I decided to share you some of my pre-workout cardio tips before working out lower body. 

Forget about running/jogging before working out legs as it will decrease your leg strength and power during training.

Jogging demands more of the knees, hips and ankles making it not ideal for doing right before a leg workout, moreover it doesn’t match up to the same type of movements and hip flexion that you will need during your leg exercises.  

The best would be to do exercises that would mimic the same movements you will be doing later (squats, leg press, deadlifts, lunges, etc.) therefore why not go with a plyometric box squat or pop/jump squats.

Box squat jump

Box Squat jump exercise . credit Beth Bischoff


You should match cardio to the leg exercises you will be doing later by doing multi-joint and hip flexion exercises.


jump squats

Jump Squats explained by

If you want to avoid compromising your legs whatsoever on leg day but still need to get in some cardio before your workout, think of opposing muscle group cardio exercises like rope slams, rope climbing, boxing, swimming, rowing machine, etc.

Do not perform for too long or too intensive your cardio to reserve the strength for later.

If you are gym than also cycling/ elliptical trainer or stepmill/stair master (if accessible) or walking in a high inclination on a treadmill is a good way to warm up. Best performed for 5-10 minutes before working out.



stationary bike

Exercise- Stationary bike

Once you have warmed up and burned some fat it is time to do some proper leg exercises and tone up that booty!

Here are some of exercises I perform for my leg day.


This was a leg day with Team Fisher Bodybuilding crew. (Needless to say – I did not walk nor could sit properly for couple of days . 

To finish up – it is fine to do cardio before the leg training as long as it is aiming correct muscle groups and you are not exaggerating with intensity nor length of it. 


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