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  • Your own New Year’s fitness workout tracker
  • Your own New Year’s fitness workout tracker
  • Your own New Year’s fitness workout tracker
  • Your own New Year’s fitness workout tracker

Your own New Year’s fitness workout tracker

New year, new you! This is my New year’s motto, resolution and objective! Been the craziest end of the year so far and not entirely in the fittest and healthiest way to be completely honest with you.. However 2016 has arrived and it gives you another chance to start over or take it where you last left off. For me it is with the fitness objectives, that I wish to take up where I left it more than a month ago. 

I could tell you everything that happened and add some excuse on the top but the truth is – there is not point of that, as it will not really change the situation. Did I work out last 3 weeks? Honestly ? No. But do I feel bad about it? Definitely yes! (Of course 1 week I was sick as a monkey and did not get out of the bed with a bad fever, but that’s gone as well), 2 weeks I am here in Calabria at my boyfriend’s family over holiday and no working out as well as A – everything is closed, B – it’s not really the right place and time to do it when you are visiting family and C – I lacked of motivation as where so tired, exhausted and just needed a rest to regain strengths,will and inspiration.. and you know what? It worked out splendidly!

I am inspired, motivated and fully recharged to get the shape of the life! 

So this is what I have been up to last couple of days – I designed my own workout calendar – tracking board to keep my progress.

 I know that I do better if I track my progress and put it in a visual place like on the wall or fridge doors together with some inspirational pictures. 

4 weeks workout calendar

My 4 weeks workout calendar to track progress

It might look that I am going mad with all those workouts, but as I want changes I need some drastic measures and some hard-core program to follow, so been harsh to myself and designed this one. (I consulted with my trainer and took the best practices and advises from and of course after years of training I know what my body can take, so I am ready for it!).  

Note that you should check with your trainer and design your own schedule that fits your lifestyle and physical level before starting any program. 

However, to make it easier I have prepared also a template for you that you can fill it out with your workout schedule. (You can download pdf version HERE).

4 weeks workout calendar - empty |

Workout Calendar to track your training and progress

Of course you can design also your own calendar to track also your eating or cheating with, snacks and water consumed or just plainly add it to your yearly calendar a note if do not want to put it up the wall. And in order to make it more fun and customized you can use my sticker sheets to mark your progress. Just simply print them out on a sticky / sticker sheet or plain paper and glued to your own tracker.

Sticker sheet to track your progress|

Sticker sheet to track your progress

(PDF. version with different sizes can download HERE). 

In case you wish to have a proper workout tracker notebook/ calendar than get yourself a Fitlosophy Fitbook.

To follow this workout schedule I have decided, and recommend also to you, to do a constant, LIGHT, cardiovascular activity for 20 min  day. I am planning to do it every day for 3 months in additional to workout schedule. With the cardio activity I mean: taking stairs for 10 min in morning and 10 in evening or just in morning, brisk walk or jog, elliptical training, bicycle or stationary bike – whatever that get’s the ticker going. The idea is to speed up metabolism and get body moving.

So Fast by Nike

Participating in races or competition also counts as a workout

In additional to that I planning to add 1 or 2 HIIT training session per week and an intense cardio activity. (Probably Muay Thai or running, but it could be a dance class, spinning or whatever else intense activity you prefer.)

park workout - kick boxing moves|

Switch up your workouts to keep you challenged

Important is to spice up things and change time to time activities so your body does not get used to a routine, but remains constantly puzzled and challenged. 

And above all, the most important part of any workout and training program is a balanced and clean diet

abs are built in kitchen

No diet – no abs

Remember the 70 – 30 rule! 70% of your fitness results depends on your diet!

As the gym-goers saying goes: the Abs are built in a kitchen and sculpted in a gym! 

Without a clean diet, you will not be able to get anywhere, no matter how many workouts you do and how many miles you run – the results will not rule out a bad diet. So make sure you eat clean, lean and healthy to fuel your body and achieve the desired results. 

Check out this article how to calculate a body necessary proteins, carbs and fats to lose weight

So guys, this is what I have determined to do: have a hard core, strict and no-excuse workout plan with a progress tracker for next 3 weeks! I am planning to lose that Christmas and holiday weight and some little bit more extra (aiming 5kg in 12 weeks) and get a muscle definition by following a 3 month strict plan with exercising and clean eating (excluding all sweets, desserts and cheat-meals).

The challenge starts on Monday – January 4! Who is IN?

I am ready! Will keep you posted about my progress or regress so stay tuned folks!

XoXO Egitaa

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