Simple yet effective no equipment butt and legs training

Each girl has their own priority and target zone they wish to improve in her body. Many of us have their preference to have a nice butt and legs (and let’s be honest – who doesn’t like to have a nice booteeey? I do that’s why my target focus are my legs and butt. Even when i have 1 possibility a week to have a training – I will always go for a leg day, even when traveling focusing my training for legs s biggest muscle group of the body and also the one who shreds the most of fat when in action.

There some effective training for legs and back so here are some of mine that does not requires lot of space nor equipment so feel free to try this at home.

Leg and butt training exercises

Make this circuit 3 times without pause between exercises but in the end of each circuit – 1 minute.

  1. Lunges – alternating legs – 20 reps (10 per leg)
  2. Long jump – 10
  3. Standing single leg squat – 20 reps (10 per leg)
  4. Squat Jumps 10
  5. Standing one leg deadlift – 20 reps (10 per leg)

These exercises guarantee you to involve all the big muscle groups, improve your core and balance while shredding some fat.

and here is how:

  1. Lunges

2. Long Jump

3. Single Leg Squat

4. Squat Jumps

5. Standing one leg deadlift

And this is a Bonus  exercise to finish up – have some fun!

Let me know how it goes!

XoXO Egitaa


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