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Hello Kitty branded fruits will be the new food trend

Hello Kitty branded fruits will be the new food trend

Back in June Sanrio came out with their latest “chich” products to their fans – a Hello Kitty branded melon and all have to admit it’s quite kawaii way to get those kids eating more fruits and bring the branding to the next level.

Last week I was again in Sanrio headquarters in Tokyo to see what our mother company is coming out next at Sanrio inhouse Expo and I am glad to tell that soon will be joining that cute melon some other cute and delicious looking fruit with super kawaii packaging.

Nothing better than a kawaii touch to that healthy smoothy you have been planning to have, right?

Hello Kitty fruits and vegatables |

Hello Kitty new fruit range coming out fall 2016

This range will be from mix of fruits and veggies like oranges, lemons, apples, strawberries, bananas and even those delicious sweet potatoes, belle peppers and mushrooms.

Hello Kitty Melon |

The already famous Kitty Melon


Hello Kitty apples |

Hello Kitty apples

And apple a days takes doctor away, right? Why not to try this apple muffin recipe? or Hello Kitty’s favorite – apple pie?

Hello Kitty bell peppers |

Hello Kitty bell peppers

Bell peppers are perfect side-dish to chicken and full of vitamin C.

Hello Kitty oranges and lemons |

Hello Kitty oranges and lemons

And why not start a morning with a glass of kawaii orange juice, Kitty style?

Compeltely loving this new fruit&brand matching up to fidn a new ways to attract peopel to eat healtier and especially kids and I believe that this would definitely increase the consumption of such! Working and hoping to expand this cute trend to Europe as well.


Happy weekend and don’t forget to eat your greens! ( even if not having a cute packaging like this one).


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