• A blissful road trip to Sicily’s east coast
  • A blissful road trip to Sicily’s east coast
  • A blissful road trip to Sicily’s east coast
  • A blissful road trip to Sicily’s east coast
  • A blissful road trip to Sicily’s east coast
  • A blissful road trip to Sicily’s east coast

A blissful road trip to Sicily’s east coast

Ever now and then a girl just needs to have her blissful getaway to recharge her batteries, wind her head and just enjoy the peace and quiet. Especially after having the most stressful summer of your life: long working hours and business travels, dealing with a distance wedding organization, which happens to be your own wedding. Needless to say that after all this is over you desperately need for some peace and quite to return to being just plain & sane you.  My inner self was saved by a sun catching and Ionian coast exploring in Sicily.

And it was just lovely! So colorful, sweet and simple that recommended to anyone to go for a roadtrip in Sicily and see for yourself!

On the road to Sicily

on the road to Sicily

Our road trip started in south of Calabria where we took a car and headed to Messina.

To get there you have to que the line, take a ferry boat. 20 minutes of a ride and you are officially in Sicily!

Fairy boat to Messina, Sicily

Fairy boat to Messina, Sicily

messina from ferry boat |

View to Messina from a ferry boat

First 4 nights we spent at a small mountain village – Santa-Venera Portosalvo where we rented from Airbnb a lovely mountain home – La Villa Rosa.

Etna mountain home garden |

Our Etna mountain home

Etna mountain home garden |

Sicilian garden

Ionian sea from mountain home garden |

View to Ionian sea from mountains

Must say this view we enjoyed very much from our terrace. Especially wonderful to see sunrise above the sea.

Sicilian mountain home garden |

Ionian coast line and valley |

Coast line

Ionian coast line and valley |

Some cactus friend just for us

As we had the luxury to have our own grill than we decide to take the opportunity and make our own grill-party for two with chicken, egg plans and some salads.

sicilian fit dinner |

Our own healthy and grilled mountain dinner

On the second day we headed to Taormina. The jewel of Sicily. The city is up in hills and most famous amongst the tourists coming from all over the world.

Taormina -A Sicilian jewel |

A Sicilian jewel – Taormina

Sicilian street art |

Street art

exploring Sicily |

Fancy a banana?

Sicilian street sign |

Old, cobblestone street and signs

taormina, Sicily |

Enjoy the little things

taormina, Sicily |

With a smile exploring beautiful Taormina

The city had some magical aura. It definitely gave me impression of Dolce & Gabbana classical commercial about Sicilian life . A luxurious and rich impression of this perfect seaside city.

Taormina, Sicilians. Street photography |

Some classy old Sicilian ladies

Some new fragrance from Acqua di Parma – Acqua di Taormina.

Acqua di Taormina fragnance |

Acqua di Taormina – the new fragnance

Some fancy Sicilian style sidewalk tables|

Some fancy Sicilian style sidewalk tables

The wondering around the city is already an adventure. Hide between the narrow streets and feel the aura of the city.

Side streets of Taormina |

The side streets are the best

Vicolo Stretto or the narrow Street was my favorite discovery that instantly knew I had to explore it! Definitely you cannot eat too much if live up that street.

narrow street of taormina |

Narrow street or vicolo stretto

A typical Sicilian hat – coppola re invented with new colors, patterns and styles are just a wonderful touch. If wonder outside the center can actually see local men still wearing them.

coppola - traditional Sicilian hat |

Coppola – traditional Sicilian hat re-invented

Old town and square of Taormina |

Old town and square of Taormina

Main square – a perfect place to enjoy a Cannolo Siciliano ( typical pastry with ricotta cheese) or that gelato with pistachio or some refreshing cocktail overlooking the seas.

 streets of Taormina with caffeterias |

Cute, little streets with cafeterias

narrow street of Taormina, Sicily |

The narrow street test to fit in – check!


Now the first part of my Sicilian trip is over! Stay tuned for the next one that will reveal some more pearls and adventures of my summer and this Sicily road trip!

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