Journey to Splits challenge – 2 weeks check in

Journey to Splits challenge – 2 weeks check in

It has been exactly 14 days since I threw a new challenge to myself – to sign up at Blogilates #JourneyToSplits challenge – 30 days and 30 stretches to learn a split from a standing position.

Honestly speaking it has been pretty tough these last 2 weeks with work, assignments, teaching, blogging, working out, and every day chorus that must be done that it was hard to add another assignment to already busy schedule of mine – like dedicating every day minimum 10 minutes of stretching, BUT as July is a month of challenges and also standing split is something I have always wanted to learn, than despite of all difficulties and obstacles I have been having my stretches every night. 

Journey to Splits - 30 days challenge by Blogilates

Journey to Splits – 30 days challenge by Blogilates

As I have arrived in the middle of challenge than it was about time to check in and show my progress. I  have kept also my progress diary, which was more consisting – of me reflecting my feelings, like “OMG, this is impossible! I am made of wood! how did she does that?! ” this is what I was thinking 3rd day, however after day 6, when added new positions every day, I start noticing also some small progress on general doing the basic first 5 moves. yesterday saw that 2nd and 3rd positions is coming much more easier to me than 1st week, so there is still a hope.

To be completely honest, I am not sure I can make it to learn a split in one month, especially because I have never practiced yoga nor pilates, but just regular stretching after workout, but I am determined to do my best and complete the challenge and will keep you posted how it went for a person who is a completely newbie at this.

Here is my first 14 days in pictures. Each day – one picture (that’s why I have different hair do each picture. However for a consistency kept the same clothes.

3rd to 10th stretching move

3rd to 10th stretching move

The idea making pictures each day came only 3rd day so missing out first 2 moves, but this is my first week in pictures – how the stretching went.

second week doing stretches - moves 11 to 16

second week doing stretches – moves 11 to 16


This is my 2 week check- in! What about you? know how to make a split? Standing split? Easy for you? 

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  1. Zeenat

    February 24, 2018 at 12:16 pm


    I’m having trouble with move six… should I keep doing it until I get it right or would you suggest moving on


    • Miss Athlétique

      March 18, 2018 at 12:29 am

      Hi Zeenat,definitely should not force it, but try to work on it and gradually you will get better. It just takes time and persistence. Important not overdo it.


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