Brazil – day 5

After waking up at 3am yesterday and travelling 1000km we have arrived in 1st destination spot-Lençois.

Lencois city, Brazil

Cannot comment the place yet,as was dark when arrived. (Writing from car). Today will be exploration of the neighborhood and this old and historical city. Last night we had this nice dinner with real thin pizzas for 2.(every dish here is for u should not eat alone here) And the nature is just breathtaking. Just had a breakfast-all sweet things,like cooked bananas,sweet potatoes with sugar,sponge cake,almond cake,papaya,melons,juices and one some bread with cheese and ham:) really good:)and the breakfast was at the pool. Lovely start of the day. Btw,hotel is real cheap-70R$ for 2people, like 11eur per person with breakfast included. Pousadas Buom Sorte. To be continued..


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