Another weekend has gone by and here we are on Monday, making lists and plans for the week ahead of us, well at least that’s me and how I start every week – with a reflection of the previous one and planning the things that have to be done, obtained and achieved this week. Of course there comes also motivation and inspiration dose, which is absolutely necessary to give the right tune to the week. The amount of it depends on results and sum up of the previous week. As last week was spent trying to lose that extra kg taken during my Sicily getaway. Must say I am half way there and this week motivating myself to lose the other half and a little bit more so today I need some extra fitspiration, motivation and maybe some evil sarcastic gym humor to get me going and if you are like me – keep reading. Read More


It’s been 3 days since my official confession and public declaration after challenging myself to lose 3,5kg till the end of the month! Still highly motivated and determined to prove myself and everyone that I can do it. Yesterday added some evening cardio session- went for a sunset run as first time, in a year, was home at decent time, so had to use the occasion and went for a run before dinner. Must say that felt a lot more determined and energized right after!

Now today is a workout Wednesday and I want to share some basic workout plan to shape up your body (mostly targeting your booty, legs and core). This one consists of really basic exercises and can be done either gym or home. Try incorporate or start this 2 week challenge and you will see how your body will change and improve!  Read More

Me & My Beau, Workout

I know yesterday was a Workout Wednesday but do to a technical reasons was not able to update my blog but today we are back in business and I am ready to share with you a reason, a colorful reason that motivates me to workout, keep pushing harder and striving for progress.

You know what is the thing that inspires me working out? Results! My own results! and progress to see how my body is changing and improving. Especially nice when you receive a nice and sincere compliment that you have a beautiful legs. (Received from a business partner –  a woman) it was truly sincere that made me feel real proud and gave me some extra motivation to keep striving for progress and even better results.  Read More


Sometimes on Mondays we need some extra motivation and inspiration to make the week start right and set some new smaller goals and objectives to reach. This week did not start too good for me as I woke up feeling terrible this morning so I couldn’t manage to go to work, however now feeling a lot better and again full of energy and determination to keep going after my goals.

To do so – here is my weeks motivation – fit-inspiration to get back on track and dream big.

Read More


Friend of mine who is a wedding planner (Can check her blog here – Sposami oggi ( Merry Me Today from Italian) asked me if I could share some advice for her brides-to-be how to get in shape before the big day and naturally (for a normal, busy and stressed women).
Honestly I felt excited and a bit afraid to share some suggestions but I do hope they will help to get in the best shape before your beautiful day! And not only to a beautiful day but for also married ladies or ladies that are not even planning to get married.

So here comes some tips: Read More


Some people are looking forward holiday with a joy – some, like me,  are having split feelings- from one had – can’t wait to relax, sleep and get some time off the every day busy life, from other hand looking forward with a doubt for the holiday that will come and ruining the progress achieved, clean eating and workout graphic. For me it is extra difficult to remain on track with clean eating and my timings as having a pretty full workday with my own rhythm and timing: for eating, sleeping and working out. Once comes holidays, especially a long ones and away from home, it is almost impossible to eat at 8am my oats, have second breakfast at 10:30 with a chicken, workout at 20:00 and hit the bead at 23:00.. So every time coming back from holidays are pretty traumatic as I need to get back to track and catch up to point where I left off therefore serves an extra motivation to not give up and get demotivated. Read More

Inspiration, Me & My Beau, Workout

Happy 1st of April! As already a tradition, beginning of every new month I am setting for myself goals what I want my month to be like! I am currently on my second day of Spring holiday in South of Italy (where sticking to a diet is almost IMPOSSIBLE – as first rule of South of Italy is to Eat and ask for more), so for me sticking to my strict diet it is a quite a struggle, even if I have all my workout gear packed with me and dedication to stick to my fitness goals – I must say it is not easy, not easy at all. To stay focused and my eyes to the ultimate goal (Planning to lose 5kg by the end of Spring) I have set up my Spring Visual board slightly more workout and motivation related to keep going and to resist sweet temptations and hope to inspire you as well. Read More


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