Vdara hotel and Spa Las Vegas gym review

Vdara hotel and Spa Las Vegas gym review

June has been one crazy month with non stop travelling. Managed to visit Florence, Genoa, Nervi (in Italy), Lisbon, Porto, Ericeira and everything in between along the coast for pleasure, for pleasure but Berlin, Duisburg, Dusseldorf, and on top of that – Las Vegas for work. In short – I spent rushing from one place to another and trying to squeeze in all the works and duties, wedding organization and everyday tasks. And of course not forgetting about gym as well.

When traveling for work I always try to find a hotel with gym in it, but if not possible – going for a run in a nearest park if weather allows or workout at my room.

This time I was lucky as had been staying in this wonderful Vdara hotel and Spa at Las Vegas that had a great gym facilities. Here are some insight from my 6 am gym session. (Must say that noticed that gyms in Vegas are fuller at 6 am than at 10 am, guess jet lag and dedication is playing a big role there as well).

To see it for yourself – check out their own virtual tour at fitness center.

Overall this fitness facilities offers everything to keep in shape and even some weights and cross body functional training with kettlebells, dumbbells and weight bars, weight balls and stretching mats and of course cross trainers, treadmills, stationary bikes etc.

And here are some of my pictures from my experience there.

Stepping machine

Stepping machine

Cross trainers

Cross trainers

morning runners

morning runners

Multi functional machine

Multi functional machine

leg extension

Leg extension

weight room

weight room

weight rack

Weight rack. Wait, what’s that? That’s me in a mirror! 


Pull-ups at 6 am – respect

selfie after documenting the gym

Selfie after documenting the gym

towels, magazines, water - all you need for training

Towels, magazines, water – all you need for training

As for workout – I went for a Leg training session. To make the best out of it I tuned up with my beast mode playlist.

Beast mode on with a good playlist

Beast mode on with a good playlist


Starting with a cross trainer 10 min warm up.

  • 4×15 – leg extension
  • 4×15 leg press
  • 4×15 lunges with weights
  • 4×15 bridge with weights
  • 4×15 superset: kettlebell swings + squat and press up with kettlebell
  • 4×15 superset: sumo squat + pliee squat

Ended up with a 15 min stretching.

post-workout selfie

Post-workout selfie

And the second time I came back I just went for a killer hiit-cardio session to get my body going and shread some extra calories.

Now, when back going to include some steady state cardio 5-6 times per week additionally to my weight trainings – after all, the wedding in in 4 weeks!!!

Stay tuned and keep working out!

XoXO Egitaa

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