ABT workout routine to tone your Abs, Butt and Tights

ABT workout routine to tone your Abs, Butt and Tights

Hello in Workout Wednesday! As Each Wedneday it is a gym day, usually it is a Arms and Back for me, as I have devided my strenght training targeting body groups and having strenght training 3-4 times per week. One time i am trying to change things and do a full body blast workout or ABT (Abs, Butt & Tights workout) and coupel of times per week a cardio training. And yes, I do like it and yes, I am not crazy – just determined to reach my fitness goals – improved, leaner and more toned body. Curently also having my 2nd week of my new challenge of 31 day. (So far – so good, slow progress, but keep on going and start noticing results. Must be ready for next weekend’s check-in, so focusing and self-motivation is needed to get there.

Today I wanted to share with you my simple ABT workout plan I designed for couple of girls that reachoud out to me asking for a help to workout and make some routine that can be done even at home that would target their focus zones – abbs, butt and tights. The full routine you can download here to try yourself the days when you do not have time or will to hit the gym but do want to workout.

Here is the routine :

ABT workout you can do everywhere to tone your abs, butt and tights

ABT workout you can do everywhere to tone your tush

The Pictures explaining hwo to do each workout you can find in the full version that can be downloaded here.

Remember, even 20 minutes a day, coupel times a week makes a difference and if you cannot do the full program – take just couple of them like an exercise or 2 from each groupe or just one core group – like tights or butt. can be done even 15 minutes in morning before going to work – so no excuses!

And remember one thing!

Remember this

Remember this and now go workout! For any questions – I am here! Let me know if you try it! My girls said they felt a little bit sour next day! What about you?

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