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How to beat running exhaustion

How to beat running exhaustion

Have you ever had that thought in your head that you heart will explode and will collapse before the finish line – aka your goal target distance?  If answer is yes – don’t worry, you are not alone. I have had it several times, especially when I restart running after long time, like after injury or for several other obstacles that prevents me for running for longer periods. Every single time after couple of kilometers I am thinking, “OMG, I am old. I will die” How long I still have to go? (looks to the watch) Seriously? it’s been 9 min, ONLY? I will never make it. Why I am doing this to myself?”, but than in the end I go ahead and finish my distance anyway. You would ask me how? And my answer is simple – dedication and goal reaching and knowing my limits. When I set a goal, whatever field, I always evaluate my possibilities and weapons in order to achieve them and I try to be as realistic as possible, and also honest with myself – can I make it?

The same is with running, I schedule myself a time I am going to do it in advance and evaluate my possibilities: weather, time, distance and I set my mindset positively that I am going to do it splendidly, despite stalling for a month or two.

And this is my rule to myself – setting the correct mindset to achieve the goal because I know I can do it.

Trust me, the correct mindset is really important to get things done. If you start with a negative or doubtful mind you might likely will fail completing your task, so I am trying not to overthink but just go ahead and do it and believe that you can do it! 

Stop thinking - do it! Go for a run!

Stop thinking – do it! Go for a run!

This is also how I get over all these thoughts at 9th minute of quitting and turning back – I just focus on the goal and finish line, not the obstacles I am facing at the moment! Because I know that once I push over this limitation, I will finish it easily and I will be content of it and myself of not giving up. After all the body can make it, it’s your mind that is making you believe otherwise. 

When I was researching what professionals are suggesting for getting over this exhaustion of running I came across these 3 points that I would like to share with you for some extra motivation boost. This is what Greg Stark a Training Expert, BA Human Movement suggests and founder of Better Being suggests.

1. Just breathe

Your breathing is one of the most important components of both meditating and running. If you are able to establish a rhythmical slow pattern of breathing you can offset stress and increase your movement efficiency. To breathe effectively really focus on your exhalation and it should feel like it is coming from your stomach not your throat. We often use ‘breathe’ as a cue for our clients while performing an exercise as this helps to increase focus and performance.

2. Be body aware

During most runs, the first 10 minutes always seem the hardest part. By focusing on how your body feels and your technique, your run will become less painful and more efficient. You want to feel light and bouncy on your feet not feel or sound like an elephant stomping down the street. You should also feel like a piece of string is attached to the top of your head pulling you to the sky so your body feels lengthened. We often ask clients how a certain exercise feels or where they feel the exercise working, in order to establish a better brain/body connection.

Be body aware

Be body aware

3. Use a mantra

Running can be tough but having a key phrase or mantra can help you overcome just about any obstacle. Using a positive cue can often be enough to give you the strength to continue and try a little harder. Even mantra’s like ‘look up’ can help you become more aware and grateful of your surroundings. One of my clients uses the mantra ‘light weight’ which he says to himself before lifting a heavy weight.

So these are our rules to beat the running exhaustion that are tested and works for us and hopefully it will do the same for you to get your ticker going and help to get closer to your dream body goals. 


How about you? Do you have issues running?

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