And we are back in the game! Well I am! started my day with a 6am morning run and tonight ready to get back to the gym! Been a while and feel that I will need an extra effort to catch up with all the lost weeks of training. Especially will need to increase weight training as well as Cardio, but knowing my hectic life schedule and limited times to train I must take drastic measures – like HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) to speed up the results and burn some belly fat effectively.

Really nice one HIIT I really like is suggested by Justine Munro (IFBB Bikini Pro, personal trainer, and a fitness model).  After seeing this beauty you will definitely want to give a try to this routine to shred that belly fat – I am on it as well!  Read More


On Wednesdays I write about Workout and Fitness and today is also the case when I want to share with you some real effective treadmill routine that will just take you 15minutes but will burn 2x more efficiently fat as it is a HIIT training where you need to use different speeds and inclination. However super effective and good to exchange your regular treadmill running with this killer workout. (I suggest you wear black as it will be a funeral to your fat, especially to your stubborn belly fat).  Read More


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