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  • The best herbal teas for the winter time
  • The best herbal teas for the winter time
  • The best herbal teas for the winter time

The best herbal teas for the winter time

When the weather is getting chilly and the days are getting shorter and darker it is the best time to warm up your bod and soul with a good cup of a herbal tea. A good tea has not only beneficial to your health and will boost your immune system but also can help to digest and even lose weight. Therefore just win-win for an afternoon energy booster, weight loss or a long conversation with your friends. No wonder there is saying “Tea with the Queen”. (Even Queen loves it! and let’s be honest – who doesn’t if the tea is right?

Every time I go back to Latvia I am always returning with bag full of herbal teas. Either they are from a farmers market or some biological shop, but always at least 4 of them to enlarge my collection. (Already have like 40 different teas at home and perfect substitution for morning take-away coffee on my way to work). 

Black tea

Black tea with rye flowers and roses

This time I was lucky and managed to get a wonderful Linden flower tea from an old lady which was selling them together with other super foods – sea buckthorn and cranberries

Linden flower tea

Linden flower tea

Linden flower tea has been used for centuries to help reduce anxiety, soothe the nerves, and alleviate stress related ailments such as irregular heartbeats, indigestion, hypertension, and headaches. Linden flowers also have calming and sedative properties that can help prevent insomnia and produce a restful night’s sleep. Also nice to add to your bath to have a healing effects therefore added in many natural cosmetic products. (more benefits and reference you can find on Medical Medium blog. )

 I personally love it in the tea therefore today I am starting my tea-toxing week: No sugar, no coffee, no white products (also because my dentist didn’t allowed me to) but instead I am going for teas, infusions and hard-core diet. (Having received 5kg of chocolates, ginger bread cookies and traditional sweets as anticipated Christmas presents, are definitely NOT helping this process… BUT, as a cleaver lady, who must stick to this challenge! I hid them!  

Out of eyes, out of mind! Bear this in mind when you need to resist some sweet temptations – do not leave them in a visible place!


My other teas for the this cold winter period are different black and green herbal infusions. Black for the morning – to wake up and get some energy and green or white for the day or afternoon and infused water, like lemon and ginger and peppermint leaves during the day. 

lemon and ginger infused water

lemon and ginger infused water

I prefer this infusion sometimes more complex – like adding mint or lemon substituting with lime – to spice up things. It really aids digestion and cleans up your body not even talking how many vitamins you are getting from it – so basically a power drink.

moroccon tea pot

Moroccan traditional mint tea

One of my favorite teas are Mint and Pepermint teas. that’s the reason I am cultivating them also in my garden back home and planning to re-start also for the next ear on my balcony. 

When went to Morocco i got myself a wonderful deal for the traditional tea pot – as the way and the art of serving Moroccan tea just enchanted me – had to have it. And must say – it does tastes different in that tea pot than the traditional infused one, which I must say is still very good.

mint tea and fruit snack

my Holland getaway healthy snack with a mint tea

Another delicious and healthy tea is a compressed tea flowers (a gift from Japan) that opens or blooms in a hot water.

Japanese tea flower

Japanese tea flower


Looks wonderful when it’s opening – it really does looks like a fast forward on blossoming. Unfortunately did not have a transparent mug so had to use a normal one, but still -the magic is there and tastes great as well. Perfect winter gift to warm someones heart.


tea mug

my office mug to have my daily tea

So my next week is going to be herbal, infused, clean and green and let’s get that immune system boosted and that body cleaned!


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