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A perfect weight loss snack

A perfect weight loss snack

Going bananas for bananas! This statement is so true about me (almost like Minions). Add peanut butter to bananas and you have captured my heart. Not because it is extremely good to you but also because this combination is a perfect snack to incorporate in your diet and to loose weight.

On my workout days I am always having a half or baby-banana (bananito) with a 1 1/2 teaspoon of a peanut butter (home made. So easy to make so check out the recipe here).

The great thing about banana is that it provides potassium to help with muscle contraction. (that’s why it is also a perfect post-workout snack) and the peanut butter adds healthy fats, plus niacin, which helps recovery (also post workout. but don’t exaggerate with that).

Peanut butter and banana

Peanut butter and banana

delicious combination - banana and peanut butter

delicious combination – banana and peanut butter

I have already wrote about suggestions for pre and post workout nutrition and bananas is definitely part of it. Even if peanut butter and bananas is recommended as a post-workout nutrition together with a recovery shake – I rather prefer just the shake and banana, as getting a peanut butter snacks after gym is quite complicated for me as always heading directly from work so no time to make banana-peanut butter snacks, however if have time do it! perfect snack and perfect  for recover after workout, especially cardio one! (Just don’t go exaggerating on those peanut butter scoops! )

Happy Fri-Yay and happy workout!


p.s. What’s your favorite snack?

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