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Business lady’s Spring (beauty) travel essentials

Business lady’s Spring (beauty) travel essentials

Today is not only a day to travel and explore but also a second check-in after starting my 31 day challenge to lose 3,5kg. Honestly – felt really disappointed with not the results I wished to see when stopped on scales this morning.. especially because last week had been working out 5times per week, eating clean but still no positive result – in contrary, had gained some some extra hundred of grams. how? starting to think that there might be some intolerance of something I have been eating so will go clean this week and exclude all the whole grains and see how it goes and will fix up a intolerance test to find out if there is something I have to exclude from my diet. Despite of the disappointment this morning still determined to keep going.

Apart that, today I am writing you from Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark! One of the nicest cities ever! Love being here – even if for a flying visit, but still one of my all time favorite cities. And as almost a professional business-traveler – jet-setter I decided to upgrade also my make-up. A lovely city calls for a lovely make-up, right? Actually I am kind a no-make-up-the-best-make-up type of girl, but sometimes I do like to make my eyes and/or lips pop. Especially in Spring – when everything is getting greener and colorful.

Last weekend I saw this wonderful picture of Cara Delavingne wearing a lovely blue eye liner under her eyes and decided to give a try myself – so add it to my beauty boughts together a new mascara and  hit the closest Sephora store.

The blue eyeliner for blue eyed ladies

The blue eyeliner for blue eyed ladies

I like the Sephora’s employees as they were real friendly when I took out my phone and said – “ok, I want to find this color eye liner”. And we did – Sephoras own brand had exactly the same color of the picture. And this weekend I tried it out and I must say I completely love it and it does look lovely. So find your own lovely make up and give it a try this Spring with some wonderful lipstick combiantion and make them say “Wow!”

This is my updated travel essentials.

My Sephora shopping looked soemthing liek this

My Sephora shopping looked something like this

And these, my friends, are my travel essentials for my Copenhagen business trip.


my make up travel essentials for business trip to Copenhagen

I am never going for a heavy make up (mostly because I cannot apply it so I do not look like a kid getting to mom’s cosmetic purse and trying to experiment – aka the clown! ) so I go for a basics – eye liner, mascara and lipstick or lip balm. ( I always have at least 2, as you never know).

And I am ready to take off and hit Copenhagen.



And here I am in the city that’s already green and lovely and having a wonderful stroll right before heading to my hotel (First hotel Twentyseven I always stay here – just love the hotel with the trendiest lounge bar in the city), work and prepare for tomorrow’s meetings.


Selfie time

Selfie time

Here is real windy, but luckily sunny, so selfie was a must. Difficult to see, but there IS also my new blue eyeliner! Promise to have some more blueness coming up.

Ok, nighty night, this blondy needs a beauty sleep before taking over Denmark.




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