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  • (MY) Summer wedding in charming hunters castle in Latvia
  • (MY) Summer wedding in charming hunters castle in Latvia
  • (MY) Summer wedding in charming hunters castle in Latvia
  • (MY) Summer wedding in charming hunters castle in Latvia

(MY) Summer wedding in charming hunters castle in Latvia

I have briefly mentioned already in my past posts that August was my get-away from society month to recharge and reconnect with my family and friends and above all my love. Also August was a month when I got married. ( However I don’t want to claim that I am not Miss Athlètique anymore, it’s still me! and always will be despites of the status! Reply to my readers question.)

When you get married, and oh, boy! you are stressed out to manage EVERYTHING and everyone but the satisfaction of all that trouble are just out of the window when the day arrives and even now – when you look back to videos and photos of that day and you take only the happy moments and faces. And no detail is significant anymore but the fun, love and joy you are feeling.

So here, some exclusive preview of how it went.

Jaunmoku castle in Latvia ~

Jaunmoku castle / a hunters castle in Latvia where the wedding took place

wedding ceremony |

Wedding Ceremony took place in a outside terrace overlooking a pond

happy couple-wedding ceremony |

THE moment

wait for it..

happy couple-wedding ceremony |

Happy couple

I think this picture speaks for itself!

happy couple-wedding ceremony |


The movie moment – stars right from the Hollywood.

bride's gang at wedding ceremony |

Had to share this picture

Look at my gang! Feeling pretty proud to have such men in my life!

bridesmaid and happy coupe-wedding ceremony |

some fun times with my friend and a bridesmaid

My lovely friends. Love this picture. probably the silliest ever form official wedding pictures!

pick nick for two - wedding |

Our own pick-nick

had to have our own time too. and why not have a mini pick-nick? 🙂


Happy girl

Loved my make-up by talented Laura, my hair, my dress and bouquet and everything about that day. Just wonderful and just as  wished!

Kissing tree |

Thanks to my friends I had the best kissing tree ever!

This was my all time favorite place in whole wedding – the Kissing tree. Always wanted to have one and I got it thanks to my wonderful friends! I bet there were many great moments and kisses under it!

first dance |

First dance

..and with the first dance we open the real dances till the morning to celebrate properly.

huge thanks to our great photographer Juris Ross who captured all these wonderful moments on camera that I can share with you now.

Stay tuned and Happy Monday!

XoXO Egitaa

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  1. rocco

    September 20, 2016 at 11:55 am

    I’m the luckiest man in the world !!!!!!

    I love you Honey !!!


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