Inspiration du jour!

Inspiration du jour!

Inspiration is something I need more than air to start, to continue or to finish something! however, if I am inspired I will start and finish without stopping/pausing/napping till I will be done and satisfied with my result – whatever it will be! and to help to get best of me I sometimes need some inspiration! and pictures helps a lot! so here is some of my today’s inspirations! hope it will inspire or just will make you dream/smile/ visualize and enjoy as well!

As my motto goes: Smile! because there is NO reason not to!
the sunny weather makes me dream of Summer and all the nice things envolved
mmmmm j’adore! ^_^
DO it! they inspire more to achieve more!
Lately I have been pretty obsessed with gym and running to get ready for the bikini season, so this kind of things helps me keep going and motivates me to keep on struggling for better results! and the times when I feel it’s getting too hard or I want to give up, or just be lazy I remind myself, WHY I started this at first place! Don’t give up!
DONLOAD IT and fill it out!
Avalon in the Northern Beaches/Pittwater area of Sydney
Stunning place I would love to visit one day myself. check out the description here! can’t wait to have my vacations at the sea! whatever sea/ocean as long as it is water!

Yes, lately I dream of becoming a pirate! D: or at least have a pirate boat! hehehe don’t know! it sounds like a fun idea! if not for being a part of Caribbean pirate team with Jack Sparrow than at least to make themed party! 🙂 guess this obsession is mostly because of my friend’s last year birthday party where we had a picture with a Captain Morgan 🙂

love this picture with my blondes 🙂 xx



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