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Wellness: Why you should go to Spa at winter or Exploring Jurmala Hotel Spa

Wellness: Why you should go to Spa at winter or Exploring Jurmala Hotel Spa

I believe that the end of the winter is the hardest, the darkest and the most depressing period and that is the time when people needs the most sun, relax and some good getaway to resist till spring arrives.


The main 5 reasons why everyone should visit Spa are following:

1. De-stressing – A spa treatment offers you a relaxing short break from your busy life routines, soothes your nerves and washes your worries away;

2. De-tense your muscles;

3. Psychological benefits – that can increase your self-esteem, raise your confidence, boost clear thinking and elevate your mood;

4. Beautification – Your skin and hair texture improves, you feel fresh and rejuvenated, and you get some glamour in your look;

5. Detoxification – it will clean you from toxins produced in the body during anxiety and stress and toxins contributed by environmental pollutants such as smoke, dust, etc. This process can remove those unwanted elements and chase away your bodily discomforts such as bloating, water retention and excessive body weight.

Resting and relaxation is a natural body form to  regenerate and keep your body and immune system strong and healthy.  A good rest makes you more energetic and happy and of course a day in spa can make you even feel younger, cleaner, prettier and boost your self esteem and it is a perfect runaway from a busy and stressful everyday life.

Wellnness Oasis

Wellness Oasis

Winter is the best excuse and perfect time to head to some beautiful spa to get some relaxing massage, some long bubble bath or some steam at bathhouse. I manage get all of them on my last trip in Latvia where I went to Hotel Jurmala Spa and had a Mother daughter day at wellness oasis which turns out to be one of the biggest and nicest spa in Baltic States where we got a Classical Spa Day treatment program which included Underwater massage, Aromatherapy pearl bath with oil and a relaxing full body massage.

Jurmala Spa

Jurmala Spa

My Spa experience started with an underwater massage where a qualified specialist makes the body massage with powerful water jet. As I learned than this massage is advised in case of joint or spinal problems or lymph outflow disturbance. The massage improves metabolism and blood circulation in tissues increasing the amount of oxygen and removing eliminates slag’s. It is especially effective for migraine or stress relieving and sleep improving.

Underwater massage tub

I must say it was a strange and nice feeling when the lady was massaging me with this strong water stream in this bubble tub but nice-strange.

After the underwater massage you could choose some of the relaxing bath oils (I chose lavender) and stay relaxing in the bathtub for 10 minutes alone.

The choice of massage oils

The choice of massage oils

My next stop was a relaxing full body, relaxing massage for one beautiful hour.

A perfect spa moment

A perfect moment

As felt slightly embarrassed bringing my big camera with me than managed to took one picture with the view from the massage table I had.

the view from massage table

Between the procedures there was a lovely opportunity to rest and drink some good tea in a cozy waiting rooms.

Waiting room

After spending half morning in this wonderful Spa complex I must say I really did feel calmer, rested and so much more happier and somehow I had a feeling that even my skin is gloving.

My gloving selfy in Jurmala Spa bathrobe

My gloving selfie in Jurmala Spa bathrobe

And in case you are wondering – no, I am not wearing makeup there (not recommended if you do not wish to end up with a panda eyes afterwards).

As everything was booked by my mom than did not idea how many procedures and services the spa is offering but one thing I am sure – I am going to return there for more hadn’t felt so wonderful for a long time and I can definitely advise everyone to have their own winter-spa getaway moment – trust me – it is worth every cent and if going to Latvia must try the Jurmala Hotel Spa yourself – won’t regret it.



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