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Top 10 Inspiring fit food Instagrammers to follow now

Top 10 Inspiring fit food Instagrammers to follow now

As a visual person I have always preferred pictures over long texts and descriptions. I love the photography and colors, cute food and colorful food and my everyday inspiration I seek in pictures. One of the fastest way is of course – Instagram where also Miss Athlètique is sharing her adventures. But Instagram in also perfect place to find some inspiration.

Of course over a time I have also created some of my favorite food and foodie account list that i am waiting impatiently when their next delicious-looking food-porn-picture is about to come out. Mostly because it also inspires to create something fun and creative myself. ( I always ask for the recipe too, if someone is not posting it and works always! tried some already. Like Hulk bread. So good! )

My Top 10 Inspiring fit food Instagram accounts to follow

  1. Anni Kravi as @anniskk  on Instagram.


A bowl recipe master - Anni as Anniskk on Istagram

A bowl recipe master – Anni as Anniskk on Istagram


2. Garret as @sirplansalot on Instagram. Always loving his colorful shots. Just gives you feeling of neverending summer.

vibrant and vivid color guru @Sirplantsalot

vibrant and vivid color guru @Sirplantsalot

3. Gourmet fit food by @fit_mixes. Some More inspiration on her homepage.

Creative @fitmixes

Creative @fitmixes


4. Fit foodie Stefanie as @stefaniegoldmarie on Istagram. More info on her homepage.

Fit girl - @stefaniegoldmarie

Fit girl – @stefaniegoldmarie

5. Sanaz – the fit mom as @srunsforcake on Istagram. Truly inspiring mom!

Mom of 2 - @srunsforcake

Mom of 2 – @srunsforcake


6. Danijela as @healthyalways showing her easy recipes and meal ideas. More on her homepage.

Inspirational @Healthyways

Inspirational @Healthyways


7. Fun guy from UK –@thefoodgrinder shares some quick and easy recipes that every guy can do.

The fon UK dude - @thefoodgrinder

The fon UK dude – @thefoodgrinder


8.Wonderful, delicious account by @yourhealthyworld on Isntagram. Check out homepage too if not into Instagram.

Amazing @yourhelthyworld

Amazing @yourhelthyworld


9. Samira – healthy food enthusiast who happens to have one of the best food shots ever as @alphafoodie on Instagram or even on her homepage.

Colorful - @alphafoodie

Colorful – @alphafoodie


10. Sweet girl name Ellie as @elsas_wholesomelife on Instagram.

Lovely Elsa from @Elsaswholesomelife

Lovely Elsa from @Elsaswholesomelife

Of course there are plenty more wonderful and inspiring accounts around the Instagram-globe but these I found particularly lovely, inspiring, useful and delicious not to follow!


Where do you get your food inspiration for cooking?

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