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The best components to survive sickness

The best components to survive sickness

Today is first day in 7 days I am able to sit up straight an actually sit to the computer and do something. Been sick as a monkey for last week and basically all I did was staying in bed.

Actually cannot really recall last time I had so high fever, muscle pain, headache and such a bad smokers cough, if ever had one so felt even worse as not used to be set still for such a long time especially when I have so many plans and things to do. However not everything always depends on us and guess some higher power wanted me just to slow down and give my body and mind a break for a week…and I just had to let it. No gym, no workout, no working, no nothing – just bed, medicine and relax.

So my best components to survive this crazy week was :

liquids, loads and loads of liquids.

Water, tea, infusions, vitamins, chicken soup, hot milk with honey (absolutely dislike it and would never drink warm milk with honey if I could choose, but  couldn’t). So liquid is the key to get the body cover as you are sweating and get dehydrated so refilling body is more than necessary.

linden flower tea

Linden flower tea – perfect for fighting sickness as full with antioxidants

Second thing is relax – a lot of relax, rest and sleeping. 

Without relaxing and loads of quality sleep body is just tired and takes more time to get back on track. SO having a good afternoon nap is more than recommended. 



Important is to rest to body so it means – no reading, no drawing, no watching much pc/tv but just staying in bed and getting disconnected, as for healthy body is also necessary this option- be disconnected from the world. 

Last but not least following doctors orders taking the right medicine and of course eating well vitamins and taking up nutrition food to get that body a fuel to get back on track.

So think chicken soup, rice, oats, vegetables, berries (cranberries and blackberries are great). (red bell pepper has double dose of C vitamin than in oranges, so eat up! )Also onions and garlic has wonderful flue fighting minerals and vitamins despite the taste and the smelly breath! )   

homemade soup

Homemade soup

All these components mixed together with a strong regimen of a bed will bring you back on your feet. Just Like I hope to be back on my my the end of this week and next week start working out again to catch up with the progress.


Eat your vitamins and be healthy! 

Happy Easter Friday, everyone! Don’t forget to fight and eat those boiled eggs! 

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