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Food trends around the globe – Absolute Fit Food (Thailand)

Food trends around the globe – Absolute Fit Food (Thailand)

I am big fun of discovering new, healthy recipes and adding them to my daily diet to make them a lot more interesting. Even when I am travelling I am trying to find a local, healthy spot for a meal, typical of the location to understand better the culture and the country’s mindset and trends. My Thailand Adventure was not an exception. Of course Thailand is famous for it’s street food and their local plates and seems that the food industry is following the foodie revolution and adding traditional dishes into restaurant menus and delivery services.

My revolutionary discovery was Absolute Fit Food – Bangkok’s latest food trend.

Absolute Fit Food Bangkok

Absolute Fit Food Bangkok

This food delivery company seems has found a perfect match of fast food delivered to your doorstep and clean eating for those who want to eat clean but their schedules are too busy to allow for it. They are offering high-nutrition and low calorie “superfood” dishes made from organic vegetables and hormone-free meats.

They use ingredients like: quinoa, chia seeds, goji berries, organic spelt flour, hormone free chicken and ocean-cough fish for many of their dishes.

The concept is really easy- you choose one of their offered meal plan:  2-3 meals/day plan or a flexible plan where you can choose the number of boxes you would like each week to cater for your entire family’s nutritional needs and preferences. You make a sign up (their homepage) and create an account. Than you receive a fresh cooked food (clearly labeled with nutrition information) delivered to your home or office doorstop.

When I visited them they had a cozy-family style kitchen with 2 tables and bar for a lunch break for near office employees as the business is mostly driven by take-away/ delivery principle.

Bangkok_Absolute_Fit_Food (1)

Absolute Fit Food kitchen-office-restaurant


However, I must admit I absolutely loved their kitchen and would love to have my kitchen like this one day for myself (work in progress).

As had to live their take-away experience myself I asked them to pack up some of their products from their offering that day and headed to park for a pick nick-lunch.

This is what we got:

My dish: Salmon quinoa plus breakfast buritto (329 kcal).

Salmon Quinoa and breakfast buritto dish

Salmon Quinoa and breakfast buritto dish


Salmon quinoa roll

Salmon quinoa roll

My boyfriend’s dish: Spirulina linguini with chicken in arrabiata (329 kcal)

Chicken arrabiata and spirulina linquini

Chicken with spirulina linquini in arrabiata souce



Chicken with linguini and arrabiata souce

Chicken with linguini and arrabiata souce

And for a dessert (split for 2 ) was a Quinoa porridge with homemade granola and fruits (dragon fruit and grapes)

Quinoa porridge with homemade granola and yogurt

Quinoa porridge with homemade granola and yogurt

To be completely honest with you – it was really delicious and couldn’t wait to try of their recipes at home as a healthy meal idea.

This picture reflects how good it was

This picture reflects how good was the dessert – I basically devoured it.

Definitely will try out the salmon rolls as well as quinoa porridge and will follow up how it went. So stay tuned.

Must say it was one of my biggest discoveries and revolution in Bangkok. I believe that this concept would definitely work in many places around the world specially in big cities where the busy pace of life does not allow you to cook each meal at home from fresh and organic ingredients. So this is the perfect solution between healthy diet, delicious, fresh and organic food and delivery right in front of your doorstep! So next entrepreneurs – here is an idea to borrow from Bangkok.

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  1. […] Of course the quinoa recipes are endless and can be used in many other ways – even in sweets, like in my last trip to Thailand I discovered a wonderful quinoa dessert by Absolute fit foods(still need to try it at home), the review you can find here. […]


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