Paris mon amour… I fell in love with Paris long before I went there for my first time many,many years ago and I never get tired coming back there as every time is something new to discover, see, try and feel.

It’s enchanting by night and full of surprises by day and definitely it is not only the city only for lovers, romance and haute cuture with an expensive shopping but also city with art, culture and adventures and you will never get bored there – trust me!
couple of weeks ago I organized a Paris getaway for my bf birthday. as he had never been there than tried to make as compact list of “must do, see and try things” list for him to make to make best out of this trip.
and as I already had done all this than decided that maybe someone else could take an advantage and spare some hours googling things to see and do while there.
As for me Montrematre is the “real Paris” where you can have not only typical croissant or pain au chocolat  and coffee for breakfast in a small street- side caffee but also have some pretty fun nightlife this is why i strategically chose staying near the Central Station (Gare du Est) so can stroll for breakfast there and have a real Parisian start of the day.
I know I should have started with this, but for my defense – at least it is accurate (just skipping out some small cities and places).This is map of our 6000 km road trip. I must say it was an amazing route and would do it all again tomorrow! So if planning your own Brazil road trip – feel free to take some notes from my trip.  Read More


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