Brazil – day 12 / 13

Brazil – day 12 / 13

 Day 11 we supposed to explore Pétropolis city however after checking in our hotel,which turned out to be a resort with swimming pools, tennis court, Jacuzzi, massage tables, restaurant, sauna, etc.we decided just to relax there and have a cup of afternoon tea after a swimming, sunbathing and playing tennis. moreover the place had a magnificent view to mountains as itself were on mountain top. Just WoW.

Day 12 was Rio time. Actually we were pretty lucky because it was a national holiday so city was pretty deserted and we could visit it in pace. To make things easier we took part in organized tourist group. (Even tho would have preferred to visit in my own way..)still,was great to see on your own eyes the most famous Jesus statute as well as visit Sugar loaf mountain in sunset..the view from up there was unforgettable in sunset.can’t wait to share my pictures! Rio itself in a rainy morning left a sad, dark, gloomy and dangerous cities impression. Maybe it was because pf. the rain and fog and the diatric we were staying-Lapa..however,after visiting worlds greatest monuments and having a sun the city got a different aura. Day 13. We left Rio real early and went along the coast towards our 1 befor last stop-Florianapolis. As day was so beautiful and sunny and the white sandy beaches so inviting we could not resist but stop to have a swim and catch some sun. The night we spent in a small city-a surfers paradise:) called Maresias. Just a charming city where a really nice surf shop owner helped us with tips about accomodation and dinner for thr night.indeed,the place we stayed was lovely hotel with seperated houses and apartments, pool and pf course, my favorite component of happiness-hammocks:) where u can lay down and look at the night skies. Btw,surprise,surprise,but yesterday i finally practiced how to dive on the head. compliments and thanks to my teacher/master-Paulo:) Today we are spending in the car and off to Florianapolis. Aa yeee (Oh,one more thing-went to beach soon after sunrise this morning,dont have enough adjectives to describe how amazing it was and how it inspired my all day.just loving living at the sea/ ) P.s.sorry for spelling mistakes,writing from my phone from not so premium roads.. p.s.s.the pictures will follow soon.
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