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I believe that the end of the winter is the hardest, the darkest and the most depressing period and that is the time when people needs the most sun, relax and some good getaway to resist till spring arrives.


The main 5 reasons why everyone should visit Spa are following:

1. De-stressing – A spa treatment offers you a relaxing short break from your busy life routines, soothes your nerves and washes your worries away; Read More

Me & My Beau

Hello Kitty says – “Say Hi when you see me” and after last Friday I can say the same thing.

Had a great fun posing for a Hello Kitty and Katy Perry special Prismatic tour t-shirt. The best part was going wild and rocking that T-shirt around the Milan.

The original picture is on their official Facebook fan page here.

But the real fun/jumping workout behind it you can see only here.

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Inspiration, Me & My Beau
Iris Apfel – my colorful mix-and-match idol

When you don't dress like everyone else you don't have to think like everyone else.

-   Iris Apfel   -

Iris Apfel. A lady that knows when more is just right and don’t give a damn about what everyone else thinks because she knows she can pull it off.

Iris Apfel

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Fit food & Drinks
Hello in August everyone !   The month of vacations, beach,sun, fun and parties. however, we shouldn’t forget also about eating right and having a physical activities.. I know, I know, gyms are closed and heat is sucking the last will out of us to do any sporty activities, but still! let’s try to focus here and try to stay in shape, so when September arrives we do not have to kill ourselves in hard work-out routines in gym or starve.
Me & My Beau
Indeed, I can definitely tell you that every traveler must have a pal like this:
Licia Colo’ – My Travel Diary exclusively for Emporio Mondadori . Click here to check it out this travelers notebook!
I saw it  today in ME and i fell in love. seriously amazing! and my cute bf was a sweetheart so he got one for me!   how cue is that?!  a lovely, lovely, LOVELY Sunday afternoon )

my TRAVEL diary by Licia Colo’

and it is so adorable inside'(sorry, available just in Italian, but still amazing and good way to pick up some Italian ).
it’s divided by sections: Check Lists of different vacations, My city – what see, do, etc, New Friends made in journey, Music/Movies/books on the road, appointments, visual dictionary, wish list – planner (how much money you will need, a map, city, time zone, visual dictionary, etc.etc.)
must say organized perfectly and easy to flip through the pages afterwards (when you are old, or just finish the diary 🙂 )
to sup up – AWESOME!  can’t wait for my next trip!
(actually won’t need to wait for much longer – tomorrow off to London for Brand Licensing Show! (and it goes STRAIGHT to my new friend! ^ ^

Me & My Beau
…Vogue..Milan…labels.. and soooooo countless chic and beautiful fashionistas all over the city.. !
I hit the streets with a designer and friend of mine – Elena (a.k.a. Ele )to check out ourselves what this city can offer to us. How was our night?? -well.. see it for yourself!

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